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Halo Infinite Wireless Elite Controller Orders Canceled By Amazon UK

If you bought the Halo Infinite Limited Edition Wireless Elite Controller Series 2 from Amazon UK, you might be getting your order canceled.

Right now, the internet is in a frenzy over one of Gamescom’s biggest announcements. When Microsoft revealed that there was a new Halo Infinite Limited Edition Xbox Series X on the way, fans lost their minds.

And alongside the console, we got a look at a brand-new Halo Wireless Elite Controller Series 2. The exclusive gamepad is just as limited edition as the console itself, and now it seems even more so.

Halo Infinite Xbox Series X and Elite Controller 2
(Source: Xbox)

In the US, reports indicate that the Halo 20th anniversary controller is GameStop exclusive. And it seems that our way of bypassing that might be out the window.

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Amazon’s Halo Infinite Wireless Elite Controller Won’t Ship to the US

In the past, fans have been able to order the Halo Infinite Wireless Elite Controller Series 2 from Amazon UK as the retailer ships to the US. Now, it appears that is no longer an option.

Many buyers are reporting that, despite placing orders days ago, their Halo Infinite Wireless Elite Controllers are being canceled by Amazon.

According to a number of Halo fans, Amazon initially accepted their orders despite them requiring shipping to the US. However, now that appears to be changing.

Many Amazon customers are receiving emails informing them that the retailer is unable to ship the controller to the US. As an apology, each customer is getting a £10 gift voucher for their Amazon UK accounts.

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Halo Infinite Limited Edition Elite Series 2
(Source: Xbox)

Unfortunately, due to living in the US, there are very few reasons for the controller buyers to use their new Amazon UK credit. This is an incredibly disappointing move, especially as Amazon can usually handle shipping of this nature.

Why Is Amazon Canceling Halo Infinite Elite Controller Orders?

However, many gamers believe that the Halo Infinite controller cancelation isn’t about shipping distance whatsoever. After all, if GameStop truly has an exclusivity deal with the Limited Edition controller in the US, perhaps the retailer wasn’t happy with Amazon’s workaround.

Alternatively, perhaps Amazon simply oversold the Limited Edition controller, and is now canceling orders because of its mistake. After all, the Halo Infinite controller was live on Amazon UK for a shockingly long time!

Right now, we’re still waiting for more news about Halo Infinite’s second Public Flight! And in the meantime, we’re getting new Halo Infinite multiplayer leaks arriving…

Halo Infinite
(Source: 343 Industries)

On top of that, every gun, weapon, and grenade in Halo Infinite is leaking early. And it seems like the game won’t all be here at launch either.

Rumor has it that Halo Infinite has an episodic campaign for players to enjoy. And only the launch chapter may feature the Master Chief.

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