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Halo Infinite Winter Contingency Release Date & Reward Details Confirmed

343 Industries hosted a Halo Infinite Holiday 2021 Community Stream that revealed the release date and other details about Winter Contingency.

Halo Infinite fully launched on December 8, and players had enough time to create an opinion about the game.

Overall, the title received positive reviews due to its solid gameplay and technical design. There have been complaints, but 343 Industries has quickly addressed most of them.

The developer is hard at work trying to keep players engaged. As part of these efforts, 343 announced the first Double XP event for Halo Infinite.

Today, 343 announced some additional details about Winter Contingency, an upcoming limited-time event to continue this engagement.

Halo Infinite Winter Contingency Vehicle Cosmetic

Halo Infinite Holiday 2021 Stream Teases Winter Contingency Event

Today, 343 Industries presented a Holiday 2021 Halo Infinite stream and confirmed Winter Contingency would last ten days and launch on December 21.

This comes as no surprise since leaks previously revealed that Winter Contingency was scheduled to launch on that date.

Although, this limited-time event will last a little bit less than leaks had previously indicated.

In addition to the release date, 343 confirmed that this event features a free cosmetic reward every single day. Players can obtain all of these rewards by completing a Daily Challenge.

The developer emphasized that unlocking these rewards does not require weekly challenges.

To end this portion of the announcements, 343 showcased a brief teaser of some cosmetics included on Winter Contingency.

The developer did not provide any details about the rewards for each day. However, 343 promised more information about Winter Contingency in Halo Infinite would be available next week.

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Halo Infinite Winter Contingency Cosmetics

343 Industries is planning more limited-time events coming next year.

Recent leaks confirmed Cyber Showdown’s release dates and rewards, another limited event.

Also, additional leaks revealed the release of another event, Tactical Ops.

Aside from content updates, 343 is also fixing Halo Infinite Multiplayer issues. A few days ago, the developer addressed an ongoing issue with Big Team Battle lobbies.

All in all, Halo fans have plenty of content to choose from at least in for the near future.

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