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Halo Infinite Will Remove Big Team Battle Challenges

343 Industries shared some additional information about Big Team Battle challenges.

Halo Infinite has received a vast amount of complaints lately. One thing players have constantly called out is store pricing.

343 Industries have addressed these concerns and rolled out price changes in the store. Unfortunately, the latest adjustment to individual items in the store was not well received.

In addition to pricing problems, Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle mode has suffered from connectivity issues basically since the game launched.

This issue has been a constant problem with some minor fixes, but ultimately the issue persists.

Now, the developer decided how it will handle Big Team Battle challenges in Halo Infinite.

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343 Industries Responds to Big Team Battle Challenges Complaints on Halo Infinite

Today, 343 Industries communicated through its Halo Waypoint forums that it plans to remove Big Team Battle Weekly Challenges. This change will take place next Tuesday, February 1.

The developer made this decision based on the constant feedback players voiced about this game mode. 343 Industries clarified this change would be in place while the development team works on a BTB matchmaking solution.

Additionally, 343 added it did not roll out this change immediately to avoid altering the current challenge structure of this week.

This Halo Waypoint communication did not mention a time frame for a Big Team Battle matchmaking resolution.

Since the game launched, Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle has been broken more than it has ever worked.

Aside from these BTB issues, Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer has also experienced Weekly Challenges tracking issues.

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343 Industries

In today’s Halo Waypoint post, 343 announced the removal of a map from Halo Infinite’s ranked playlists.

These changes are certainly based on players’ requests from the past few days. Lately, gamers have asked for a couple of changes in Halo Infinite aside from fixes to Big Team Battle.

For example, fans of the game recently requested save slots for custom armor presets.

Fans have also asked for the Attrition mode in Cyber Showdown to become a permanent playlist on the game.

343 Industries is apparently taking notes based on its latest actions! The developer also recently reassured players that it is committed to removing hackers and cheaters from Halo Infinite.

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Enrique Montoya

Friday 28th of January 2022

I continue to have my game going back to original starting. Frustrating

Friday 28th of January 2022

I hope this is oy a temporary solution... btb getting challenges removed permanently would suck.

Friday 28th of January 2022

Impossible to finish my achievements!


Thursday 27th of January 2022

"Chad, people are getting annoyed that there's challenges for a mode that is broke, you think we should fix it?" "You know, I think you're right Burt....remove the challenges"

Thursday 27th of January 2022

I think you mean first of Feb rather than first of March =)

Maxwell Jeffery

Thursday 27th of January 2022

Thanks for pointing this out! Edited the typo