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Halo Infinite and Warzone Crossover With a Weird Graphics Bug

There’s a new bug in Halo Infinite, and Warzone players might be familiar with it after the Pacific update.

Halo Infinite has impressed the fans so far with its great campaign and multiplayer mode. The players are busy starting their journey across the Zeta Halo and continue after the Halo 5 story.

There are still some issues in the campaign for this year’s Halo title, despite receiving great reviews. A majority of the Halo Infinite campaign players want the invisible walls removed from the game.

However, a new graphics bug has made it all the way from Warzone to Halo Infinite, leaving players baffled.

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halo infinite graphics glitch
343 Industries

Halo Infinite Player Model Texture and Graphics Bug

A strange new graphics bug in Halo Infinite spans across the entire game’s window during the loading screens.

Twitter user ‘@lDasHHH_‘ shared a clip of this new bug. As seen in the clip, the character models of the player’s squad members split bizarrely, resulting in new skin altogether.

The player showed a clip where the bug appears on the enemy player models and makes it almost impossible to shoot the enemies accurately.

Although, many players pointed towards this being an issue with the drivers rather than the game itself.

“yeah it’s a gpu driver thing. i’ve seen it happen on plenty of games in the past. updating drivers usually fixes it, or wait for a driver patch, etc”, said Twitter user ‘ImUziis‘.

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Halo Infinite texture bug ruining games
343 Industries

A similar graphic bug was also seen in Call of Duty Warzone after the highly anticipated Pacific update. This affected the player models and the weapon models as well.

In other news, Halo Infinite players are suggesting new features to combat the growing cheaters. No multiplayer game is free from cheaters, but further measures need to be taken to ensure they are kept to a minimum level.

Finally, once you’ve updated your graphics drivers, make sure to use these best settings for Halo Infinite:

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