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Halo Infinite Tactical Ops Event Rewards & Release Date Leak

Halo Infinite fans have another event to look forward to as Tactical Ops is set to appear in early 2022. Here’s what to expect.

Halo Infinite’s Free-to-Play Multiplayer has been out for just over 2 weeks and it’s continuing to turn heads. After the disappointment of Battlefield 2042 and the repetition of the Call of Duty cycle, it’s nice to have a new high-quality FPS to turn to.

And while there are a few issues with Halo Infinite’s progression and monetization features, the core gameplay is nothing short of exceptional.

Halo Infinite Event
343 Industries

One thing that is bothering fans right now, however, is how disappointing the Fracture Tenrai event is in Halo Infinite. And it looks like another event is already leaking, complete with all of its rewards.

Halo Infinite Tactical Ops: All Rewards & Event Date

If you’re looking forward to future events, look no further than Halo Infinite Tactical Ops, a limited-time event coming in February 2022.

We already know that 343 Industries will be sprinkling in regular events to keep Halo Infinite feeling fresh. We’re guessing that each one will be coming with a new LTM playlist such as Fiesta, in order to get players talking about the game once again.

And of course, completing challenges will have players earning unique rewards throughout the event too! Recently, the Halo community found this new way to level up fast and complete Infinite’s challenges easily!

Halo Infinite
343 Industries

According to a new leak from HaloNoticiasMX on Twitter, the Halo Infinite Tactical Ops event will run from February 8-21, in early 2022. Although it’s entirely possible that these dates will change given recent Halo Infinite delays, we also know what rewards players will be able to earn.

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Halo Infinite Tactical Ops Rewards

  • 1 – Claw Patrol (Spartan Pose)
  • 2 – Challenge Swap
  • 3 – 250 XP Grant
  • 4 – Scorpion Punch (Mark VII Armor Coating)
  • 5 – Mark V Zeta (Helmet)
  • 6 – Challenge Swap
  • 7 – 250 XP Grant
  • 8 – 250 XP Grant
  • 9 – UA/Mauros (Helmet Attachment)
  • 10 – Lone Wolf (Nameplate Background)

UPDATE: Halo Infinite Tactical Ops game modes have supposedly leaked.

Of course, the Halo Infinite community is quick to criticize the upcoming event for being almost 2 weeks long with only 10 rewards, despite Tenrai taking place over several 1-week intervals.

Right now, Halo fans are boycotting the Infinite Store in order to get 343 Industries to pay attention to their demands.

On top of that, players want a buff to the worst gun in the franchise, which is featured in Halo Infinite matchmaking.

What’s more, aimbots are already appearing in Halo Infinite Multiplayer and the game’s anti-cheat clearly needs some work.

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