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Halo Infinite Showcases Two New Maps For Season 2 Launch

The Halo Infinite team has shown off two new maps, which will arrive with the launch of Season 2.

Hype is building for the next season of Halo Infinite, Lone Wolves. The upcoming season will add plenty of content in a new Battle Pass for players to earn.

While players are eagerly waiting for more news on Halo Infinites forge mode, we know that the team is hiring for the anticipated mode.

We already got a Sneak Peek of the new maps when the trailer for Halo Infinite’s second season dropped. But now, they’re showcasing the two maps that we’ll soon be able to play.

Here are the new maps coming to Halo Infinite, as well as what they look like!

Halo Infinite Season 2 Battle Pass
343 Industries

Halo Infinite Shows Off New Maps – Catalyst and Breaker

The team behind Halo Infinite has shown previews of the maps coming with the launch of Season 2, Lone Wolves.

The maps are called Catalyst and Breaker. In fact, we knew about Catalyst with a recent leak around a week ago.


Catalyst is described as an abandoned Forerunner edifice. The map seems to highlight different levels, meaning you’ll have to look for enemies from all angles.

Halo Infinite Catalyst Main Room
343 Industries

There are also some tight hallways, meaning getting into a firefight could be easier than you think. Better watch those corners, Spartan!


Breaker is the map set in a Banished ship breaking yard. Compared to Catalyst, it’s the more open of the two, leading to larger battles rather than close arena-like fights.

Halo Infinite Breaker Map
343 Industries

There don’t seem to be many places where you can hide out, so you’ll have to stay in the open with your team and hope to survive!

There’s also a giant mining laser crossing the map in Breaker, destroying anything it touches. Make sure to watch out for it or else you’ll pay the price!

We’re looking forward to playing Season 2 of Halo Infinite. But if you’re waiting on the beloved Forge Mode, we have some news on the maps you can expect to see!

Halo Infinite’s season 2 has seen some leaked content already, with some new helmets leaking in time for the launch.

Finally, why not find out more about some of the new game modes to expect in Halo Infinite’s latest season, Lone Wolves.

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