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Halo Infinite: The Shock Rifle Has Become a Favorite Weapon

Halo Infinite players have a lot of different opinions about the current status of the game, but most agree on one thing, the Shock Rifle is great!

Halo Infinite fully launched over a month ago. So far, the game has already received several content updates and limited-time events.

As usual, gamers’ opinions about the game vary wildly. Some gamers have loved the game altogether. On the other hand, others constantly talk about how dissatisfied they are about technical issues affecting matched.

For instance, recently, players complained about cheaters ending matching early with a hack that crashes servers.

Even though there are plenty of negative opinions around the game, there is one thing players agree on, the Shock Rifle!

Halo Infinite Players Love the Shock Rifle for Its Long-Range Performance

Many players are talking about their passion for the Shock Rifle due to its excellent performance long-range and how satisfying it is to use.

This praise for this weapon was not always there. When Halo Infinite launched, many players were not happy about this weapon.

Several players found this weapon to be average at best. Others complained that the learning curve to use this weapon was too steep.

In a turn of events, and after giving this weapon a second shot, most of this feedback has changed for the good. After some time playing and using the Shock Rifle in Halo Infinite, it has become the go-to weapon for many gamers.

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The long-range performance of this weapon is highly praised now by many players. So much that some have even dared to say it is the best weapon in the game.

Personally, I agree that the lightning bolt produced by this weapon followed by its thunderous sound is so satisfying!

Shock Rifle – Part of the Dreamed Fiesta Loadout for Many Halo Infinite Players

Recently, Halo’s official Twitter account asked players their dreamed Fiesta loadout. Players’ responses started coming in, and the Shock Rifle was a constant.

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Some Halo Infinite players added that the Shock Rifle was their go-to weapon independently of the map being played for that match.

Many pointed out this rifle is an excellent asset for long-range battles and to get rid of snipers.

Even though players are happy with the Shock Rifle in Halo Infinite, there are many complaints about the game.

Players pointed out that Fractured: Tenrai’s microtransactions are at their most disappointing yet.

In addition to this observation, players also complained about cheaters once again. This time gamers demand anti-cheat solutions or to remove hackers.

Lastly, some fans of the game were not happy about Halo Infinite’s recent collaboration with OPI’s nail polish.

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Saturday 8th of January 2022

I don't think I've seen a single cheater in hundreds of matches. Not saying they don't exist but... I should have seen one by now. I played 2 games of vanguard and I saw a cheater. 2 games.

Also if people find a cheater they need to report them. Most people don't report and if you don't report then you are part of the problem. Microsoft made reporting any kinda issue so damn simple it's ridiculous... And also odd that other companies, especially Activision haven't copied it.