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Halo Infinite Makes Secret Change to Enemy Collision

It seems that Halo Infinite is making one key change to its gameplay physics, by adding enemy collision at last.

If you’re a Halo fan but you don’t like some of the new changes made in Infinite, 343 is listening. Already the developer is showing great promise by being one of the most transparent teams in the industry.

Recently, the Halo developer confirmed that it is adding 3 classic modes to Halo Infinite very soon. What’s more, a Social Slayer playlist is also in the works.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer
343 Industries

However, that wasn’t enough to stop Halo fans from being angry at 343 Industries’ latest statement.

Now, the development team is showing that it’s listening once again, by making a secret change to enemy collision.

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Halo Infinite Just Made Melee Kills Easier

Finally, Halo Infinite appears to have enabled enemy collision, which means that melee kills just got easier.

Since the launch of Halo Infinite, one popular complaint was that the game had no enemy collision. Not only can you walk straight through your own team in-game, but the same could be said for enemies too.

Unfortunately, no enemy collision often leads to players missing their melee attacks due to phasing through their opponents at the worst possible moment.

What’s more, doing so can often result in the enemy simply turning and instantly killing you with a Back Smack.

Now, it appears that 343 Industries is turning on player collision, at least when it comes to enemies. And players will now collide with opponents, rather than simply walking through them.

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halo infinite melee attack
343 Industries

It’s a simple change but one that’s very important to the fans. And while we can’t find any announcement about it online, a bit of in-game testing confirms that collision is indeed working with enemy Spartans.

Meanwhile, these secret game modes are playable now in Halo Infinite!

And we’ve got news about some big changes to stability and FPS coming to Halo on launch day. Let’s hope that 343 Industries sees fit to change the incredibly strict SBMM in Halo Infinite too.

Plus, this Halo Infinite desync issue is causing a lot of players to miss their shots. There’s a lot to fix but at least we have a development team that’s listening!

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