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Halo Infinite SBMM Is Incredibly Strict and Fans Want Change

Skill-Based Matchmaking (or SBMM) is one of the most controversial features in modern shooters, and Halo Infinite has it in buckets.

If you’ve been paying attention over the last few years, no doubt you’ll have heard the rumblings surrounding SBMM. Skill-Based Matchmaking has been an issue for Call of Duty fans for quite some time now, after all.

The feature aims to match players with others of their skill level. With that in mind, the best players will only compete with others at their level, rather than throwing them into matches with new Spartans.

But whilst this is great for those just starting out with the game, it’s not so good for the pro players. After all, constantly being forced to play with other fans who are incredible at the game can be extremely tiring, turning a fun experience into a stressful Grand Final matchup.

Halo Infinite
343 Industries

When this becomes an issue, players start finding ways to tank their SBMM just to have fun again at lower levels. Now, one content creator shows us just how strict the SBMM is in Halo Infinite.

How Strong is Skill-Based Matchmaking in Halo Infinite?

As it turns out, Halo Infinite’s Skill-Based Matchmaking is very strong indeed – as proven by these stats.

Halo fans might know Mint Blitz as being one of the most innovative and entertaining creators the franchise has to offer. And it may not be a shock to hear that he’s also fantastic at Halo Infinite.

Boasting a 2.74 K/D ratio, Mint Blitz finds himself in the top 0.3% of players. And yet the content creator’s win rate is just 40.5% – a statistic that puts him in the bottom 16% of all users.

In-game, Blitz is a force to contend with, having racked up 8,484 kills in Halo Infinite already. And while that’s more than 99.9% of players, it’s not enough to save him from the hell of Solo Queuing.

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halo infinite
343 Industries

“Halo Infinite forces me to play every game like it’s the HCS World Championships,” Mint Blitz vents on Twitter. “Just playing social leaves me drained and stressed out having to carry by getting kills and the objective since the SBMM is so strict.”

On top of that, the user can’t even play with friends anymore, due to the game detecting that their collective skill rating is too high.

And what’s more, while Mint Blitz is known for his creative take on Halo gameplay and insane trick shots, SBMM in Halo Infinite means that he can no longer play for fun.

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SBMM in Halo Infinite Needs Adjusting

Instead, Blitz has to play the meta as hard as possible every game for a chance at winning. And it’s factors like this that are taking away what made Halo special to him in the first place.

Hopefully, 343 Industries will see fit to dial back the SBMM in Halo Infinite just a little bit by launch day. Meanwhile, fans are also demanding this major change to Infinite’s matchmaking!

What’s more, we just got new leaks about every event and game mode coming to Halo Infinite in the future.

And it appears that every Halo Infinite Weekly Ultimate Challenge is already leaking too!

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Thursday 30th of December 2021

he is complaining that he has to play against players of his own skill. sounds like they would prefer to stomp new players rather than play in their own tier.

Sunday 26th of December 2021

So he doesn't want competitive matches? What's the complaint here?