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Halo Infinite Release Date Leaked By Voice Actor

After some incredibly secretive production in-house at Microsoft, a voice actor has accidentally leaked the release date of Halo Infinite.

Fans have been curious about Halo Infinite since its reveal. It promised to be the greatest game that the next generation of gaming had to offer, and through a series of unfortunate events, it seemed to fall apart.

It being pushed back was almost inevitable. The COVID-19 pandemic forced teams to work from home, and the workload to make such an ambitious game even without the pressure of the virus must have been immense.

Halo Infinite Release Date Leaked
Halo Infinite

The trailer of the game didn't enthuse fans much, but more news certainly did. Halo Infinite's huge battle royale mode leaked, and caught fans by surprise.

Plus a Halo Infinite developer update reassured that the game was coming along smoothly.

And now, it looks like we could have a release date on our hands, courtesy of one of the game's voice actors.

Halo Infinite Release Date Leak

The leak comes from actor Verlon Roberts, who takes up the role of Spartan Griffin in the game. The actor, comedian, and US Marine Corps Veteran featured on an episode of Fadam and Friends Podcast, discussing his career.

When the topic turns to Halo, he mentions that he plays Spartan Griffin, much to the delight of the host.

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But beforehand, he mentions the release date of the game, something we hadn't known until then.

Halo Infinite Release Date Leaked
Halo Infinite

Speaking on earning the role in the game, the date slips out;

"One of my first auditions was auditioning for the video game Halo Infinite, which was supposed to already be out but with the pandemic and everything, and then I think they had some leadership changes, so now it's pushed to later. November, this year."

Actor Verlon Roberts on the Fadam and Friends Podcast

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This is very exciting news, as we know for certain that the title will certainly be coming in 2021. We don't have a specific date yet, but if Roberts is correct, we could be playing Halo Infinite before the year is out.

We can't wait to get our hands on the new Halo title. It's especially handy that the game with come to Game Pass upon launch and will join the service's huge roster of games.

Game Pass has had plenty of great press recently. After ages of waiting, players can finally play EA Play titles on their PC with Game Pass Ultimate.

Plus, if an insider is to be believed, Game Pass' cloud gaming could be coming to PC and iOS very soon.

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