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Halo Infinite Players Want Vehicle Challenges to Be Removed

Halo Infinite players are busy grinding the Battle Pass, but there’s one thing stopping their progress – vehicle challenges.

Halo Infinite players love customizing their spartans almost as much as shooting their opponents. Luckily, the Battle Pass has plenty of different customization options for players to unlock.

Unfortunately, players have been complaining about the extremely long amount of time it takes to level up the Halo Infinite Battle Pass. And this isn’t even the only problem with leveling up the pass either.

Some of the challenges that players must complete to level up the Battle Pass are extremely difficult to finish. Of course, anyone who has played Halo Infinite will know that these are the vehicle challenges.

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Halo Infinite Vehicle Challenges
343 Industries

Halo Infinite Vehicle Battle Pass Challenges Should Be Replaced

Despite developer 343 Industries making the Halo Infinite Battle Pass much faster to level up, there is still a huge problem with it. Some of the challenges are way too difficult.

A new post on the Halo subreddit is pleading to 343 Industries to remove the difficult challenges from the Battle Pass. In particular, the vehicle challenges are simply way too time-consuming for a number of reasons.

After all, players who have bought the Halo Infinite Battle Pass don’t want to have to buy overpriced armor coating microtransactions from the item shop.

Firstly, Halo Infinite players can’t select different game modes right now. This makes completing some challenges extremely time-consuming as players need to complete them in a specific game mode.

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Halo Infinite Multiplayer Vehicles
343 Industries

Secondly, the vehicle challenges for the Halo Infinite Battle Pass are extremely frustrating. This is because it is complete luck whether the vehicle you need even spawns in the match that you’re playing.

Therefore, completing challenges based around vehicles that may not even spawn can take forever to complete.

Fans will be hoping that developer 343 Industries listens to them and makes some changes to the vehicle challenges in the Halo Infinite Battle Pass. Many will be hoping that 343 removes them entirely!

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u/Jodagon Reddit

Meanwhile, Halo Infinite has been overrun by hackers in the last few days. This has prompted many Xbox players to ask for the option to disable crossplay in Halo Infinite so they can avoid cheaters on PC.

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