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Halo Infinite Players Want Easy Way to Report Hackers & Cheaters

With hackers and cheaters running riot in Halo Infinite right now, players just want an easy way to report them!

Cheating is a major problem in all online games, but the amount of hackers in Halo Infinite right now is getting ridiculous.

Not only do Halo Infinite players want an improved anti-cheat system to rid the game of hackers, they are also asking for a more simple way to get of them.

Halo Infinite fans are desperate for an easy way to report obvious hackers in multiplayer matches. Here’s what they have to say about the issue.

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Halo Infinite
343 Industries

Halo Infinite Needs an Improved Hacker & Cheater Reporting System

Developer 343 Industries has promised Halo Infinite anti-cheat improvements in an upcoming update. However, these changes have yet to arrive.

This has led to an increasing number of cheaters playing the game who are armed with a variety of hacks. This includes the brand-new hack that lets cheaters crash Halo Infinite servers and end games early.

In response to the ongoing hacker troubles, fans on the Halo Infinite subreddit are asking for a very simple feature to help remove players using cheats. Of course, this is a button to report players in-game.

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halo infinite
343 Industries

At the moment, there is no way to report hackers in-game in Halo Infinite. If you want to report a hacker, you need to visit the Halo Waypoint website on an internet browser and then submit a support ticket.

This system is extremely time-consuming and so barely anyone actually uses it. Therefore, an in-game button that lets players report cheaters would help rid of the game of players using hacks.

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Hopefully, 343 Industries listens to fans and finally puts in a ‘report player’ button in-game to remove hackers and cheaters from Halo Infinite.

However, the developer has more important issues to fix first. This includes the frustrating lag and server desync issues in Halo Infinite.

In other news, there will be plenty of new content coming to Halo Infinite soon. Classic game modes Infection, Grifball, Extraction, and more will be coming to Halo Infinite.

Plus, a leaker has revealed Halo Infinite Season 2 armor cosmetics and new visor colors. Players can’t wait to equip these cool and colorful items!

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Heywood Jablowme

Monday 17th of January 2022

Yes. "New $#!+ Bungie" (343) is killing the game, and it's brand new. Why are they protecting the Cheaters?