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Halo Infinite Players Want Content Roadmap Up to Season 2 & Beyond

Halo Infinite players are desperate for 343 Industries to reveal the content roadmap for Season 1, 2, and even further in the future!

Halo Infinite multiplayer launched a couple of months ago now but very little content has arrived since then. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything planned though.

The Halo Infinite player count is dropping quickly without content updates, but there should be a lot more content coming in the next few months. Although, 343 Industries hasn’t revealed what exactly fans can expect.

This has prompted many players to demand a content roadmap for Halo Infinite up to Season 2 and even further in the future.

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Halo Infinite
343 Industries

Halo Infinite Leaks Reveal New Game Modes, Maps & Armor Coming Soon

Following the news that Halo Infinite will be getting a fix for cheating soon, players have turned their attention to another important update they want from the developer.

Fans on the Halo subreddit are asking for 343 to release an official content roadmap for Infinite. Some new content coming to the game seems to be the last missing piece in the puzzle.

Leaks have already revealed some classic Halo game modes will be coming to Infinite soon as well as new armor customization and visor colors in Season 2.

Although, players won’t be happy to hear this news about upcoming maps. Apparently, Halo Infinite might get any multiplayer maps until Season 2.

Whether or not these leaks are true, we should know the official information soon. That’s right – we finally have an idea of when this long-awaited roadmap will arrive.

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Halo infinite anti cheat
343 Industries

When Will 343 Reveal the Halo Infinite Content Roadmap?

In a new post on Halo Waypoint, 343 Industries outlines its plans for a full Halo Infinite content roadmap.

It says that the team is “working on a broader info update and driving towards being able to share more details and a roadmap”.

Fans will hope that this will include more details about the two upcoming Halo Infinite events:

If we are lucky, this roadmap arrives in the next week or so. That way, players can get excited about what to expect in the future of the game.

Also, players will want this update to include a fix for Halo Infinite’s terrible lag and server desync issues.

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