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Halo Infinite Players Suggest a New Feature to Combat Cheaters

Halo Infinite players are suggesting new ways to combat the growing number of cheaters in the game’s multiplayer.

Halo Infinite launched completely on December 8th. And players are grabbing the opportunity to experience Master Chief’s journey across the galaxy all over again.

There’s no denying that this year’s Halo title is keeping the fans entertained. Many Halo Infinite players are praising the open-world campaign, with some even going as far as calling it the best Halo title ever.

On the other hand, the multiplayer mode has a lot of cheaters running, and players are now suggesting new ways to get rid of them.

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halo infinite cheaters in multiplayer
343 Industries

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Players Want Cheaters to Queue Into Same Matches

It’s not a surprise that cheaters are already ruining games in Halo Infinite. But, 343 Industries might have their work cut out for them as players are proposing new ways to deal with the cheaters.

Reddit user ‘nonexistant2k3‘ took to Halo’s subreddit to share their method. According to the player, Halo Infinite cheaters shouldn’t be banned, rather forced to play each other.

Additionally, this would also make sure cheaters don’t create a new account to cheat once they receive a ban. Such a ban will go unnoticed as there will be no notification sent to the player.

Many platforms dish out shadowbans already by removing the defaulters’ access from some of their services. Also, this would help the cheaters realize the plight of playing against cheaters and maybe help change their gaming approach.

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how to avoid halo infinite cheaters
343 Industries

While a majority of the community loved this idea, many players also pointed towards CS: GO’s unique system to counter a similar problem. The game requires players to purchase a “Prime Account” status to queue with people with the same status.

There’s no multiplayer game that has no cheaters. But with the growing number of cheaters, the methods to combat them need to go up as well.

In other news, a Halo Infinite update brought Slayer, FFS, Fiesta, and SWAT playlists in the multiplayer mode.

On top of this, 343 Industries recently introduced new playlist and event challenges in Halo Infinite.

Finally, make sure you get the most out of this year’s Halo title by using the following best settings:

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