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Halo Infinite Players Report Lag Spikes, Server Issues & Rubber Banding

Halo Infinite players have been suffering from frustrating server issues and lag spikes since the last update!

Lag is a problem that all gamers know about, and there’s nothing quite as frustrating. Unfortunately, it seems to be getting worse in Halo Infinite.

The January 19 Halo Infinite update was a major disappointment for players. Not only did it fail to improve Big Team Battle matchmaking but it also introduced some new issues.

Players are now reporting some very annoying issues in the game. This includes lag spikes, rubber banding, and server issues in general.

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Halo Infinite
343 Industries

New Halo Inifnite Update Causes Server Issues and Lag

Many innocent players got matchmaking bans because of Halo Infinite server issues but this isn’t the only problem in the game now.

Since the January 19 update, players have been reporting a number of issues to do with the servers. This includes lag spikes and rubber banding.

While these issues have been in the game before, apparently they have become much more common in the last week. This has been frustrating loads of players who have begun to share their grievances on the Halo subreddit.

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Halo Infinite
343 Industries

A new post on the Halo Infinite subreddit showcases these server and lag issues perfectly. While the rubber banding may not seem like too much, it leads to missed shots, failing to kill an enemy, and, finally, an untimely death.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that players are not touching the game until it is fixed. This is a problem the game doesn’t need with the Halo Infinite player count dropping significantly already.

Hopefully, 343 Industries can fix the lag and server issues in Halo Infinite soon. However, the developer could be too busy with the upcoming Halo Infinite anti-cheat update to address this right now.

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Meanwhile, Halo Infinite players love the new item shop changes. However, these aren’t the only changes coming to the in-game store.

Additionally, 343 Industries has revealed that more Halo Infinite item shop changes are on the way. These should finally get Halo fans happy about the state of microtransactions in the game.

Finally, check out the leaked rewards for the Halo Infinite Tactical Ops event. This will be the net new event arriving in the game soon.

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