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Halo Infinite Players Hate Overpriced Armor Coating Microtransactions

Halo Infinite players are calling the Armor Coating microtransactions to customize your armor’s color overpriced!

Halo Infinite is has brought back the classic arena shooter gameplay that made players fall in love with the series long ago. However, it’s not all been positive.

Despite the wealth of character customization options in Halo Infinite, players are not happy. Unsurprisingly, it is because most of it is locked behind a paywall.

While fans of the series are disappointed about the different armors being purchasable in the store, they mostly understand. However, it is the armor coating microtransactions that are really annoying Halo Infinite players.

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Halo Infinite
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Are Halo Infinite Armor Coating Color Customization Microtranscations Overpriced?

As it takes so long to level up the Halo infinite Battle Pass at the moment, buying cosmetic items from the store is many players’ only option for customizing their spartan.

Unfortunately, many players on the Halo subreddit have been complaining about how expensive these microtransactions are.

For instance, u/teza789 pointed out that the ‘Scarlet Wake’ armor coating that is available in the store is almost identical to one that every player gets at the start of the game.

Players already have access to the ‘Cadet Brick’ armor coating which is just a slightly less vibrant shade of red.

This has prompted players to say that the old system of picking colors in past Halo games was much better. Plus, many have objections about the price of these armor coating microtransactions in Halo Infinite.

Luckily, there are two armor coatings that all players can unlock for free:

Halo Infinite
343 Industries

Players Want Halo Infinte Microtransactiosn to Be Cheaper

In response to this post, Redditor u/kingrawer suggests that they would “drop a dollar or two” for their favorite color scheme, but $5 each seems pretty excessive.

Hundreds of other players agree with this suggestion too. Let’s just hope that 343 Industries listens and reduces the cost of microtransactions for armor coatings in a future Halo infinite update.

This may seem unlikely but 343 is already listening to fans. The next Halo Infinite update will make leveling up the Battle Pass way quicker.

In other news, Halo Infinite has some other very annoying issues too. This includes a load of aim assist and input lag issues for Halo Infinite players on PC.

Additionally, Halo Infinite players can’t select which game mode they want to play. This is a huge feature that is missing from the game right now.

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