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Halo Infinite Players Are Fed Up With Terrible Weekly Ultimate Rewards

Halo Infinite players think that the Weekly Ultimate Rewards aren’t worth the effort. Here’s what they have to say!

Halo Infinite’s challenge system gives players the chance to level up their battle pass and unlock cosmetic items. Plus, it gives them something to work towards every week.

Despite this, the challenge system has been divisive amongst Halo fans so far. Some believe that battle pass challenges are ruining games of Halo Infinite and others lament how time-consuming they can be.

In addition to complaints about extremely difficult Weekly Ultimate Challenges, players have now become fed up with the rewards for completing them too.

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343 Industries

Halo Infinite Weekly Ultimate Challenge Rewards Aren’t Worth Grinding For

Even if players know the fastest way to complete challenges in Halo Infinite, they still think that grinding to unlock the weekly ultimate rewards isn’t worth it.

If you complete all of the weekly challenges as well as the weekly ultimate challenge in Halo Infinite you can unlock an exclusive reward. However, a popular post on the game’s subreddit complains about these rare rewards.

For the third time since the game’s launch, a variation of the ‘Sacrifice’ emblem has been the Weekly Ultimate Reward. Even if it appeared once, it would be lackluster, but players are annoyed that this reward has appeared 3 times!

Although the emblem was for a different customization slot each time, it is still essentially the same reward.

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343 Industries

This has led to some players accusing developer 343 Industries of not valuing fan feedback.

While this accusation is probably a bit unfair as 343 has a Halo Infinite anti-cheat update coming soon as well as improvements to desync issues in the works, the players do have a point.

Fans would much rather see Weekly Ultimate Rewards like last week’s red Shibuichi visor instead of the same emblem over and over again.

Hopefully, 343 sees this and makes some better Weekly Ultimate Rewards for the coming weeks. That way, players will play the game more and actually want to complete the challenges.

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