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Halo Infinite Total Players Dropping Despite Cyber Showdown Event

The Cyber Showdown event is live, but players seem to continue dropping Halo Infinite Multiplayer.

Halo Infinite Multiplayers is now over two months old. Players were excited to jump into it back when it dropped in November 2020.

343 Industries decided to launch the multiplayer segment of this title as a free-to-play game. Gamers had a mixed reaction to this. Since then, players have complained about many aspects of the game, like its microtransactions.

The developers recently corrected their pricing strategy for the Halo Infinite Store based on feedback received. In addition to this, more changes to the item shop are coming soon.

Despite these changes and several ongoing limited-time events like Cyber Showdown, players are still dropping Halo Infinite Multiplayer.

How Many Active Players Does Halo Infinite Have

Currently, Halo Infinite has had an average of 30,740 players in the last 30 days, according to SteamCharts. Initially, the game peaked at 102,732 average players when it launched in November 2020.

This drop means that Halo Infinite has lost an average of 45% of its player base each month since it launched.

Even though the trend is alarming, it is nothing new. Last month, players were dropping Halo Infinite Multiplayer due to concerns related to the lack of content in the game.

This player base drop is due to many factors, including a range of content-related concerns in Halo Infinite Multiplayer.

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Steam Charts

Why Is Halo Infinite Player Count Dropping

There are several reasons why players are recently leaving Halo Infinite Multiplayer.

Among these reasons, players have raised concerns about lack of content, store pricing, issues with hackers and cheaters, and technical issues with certain game modes.

Lack of Content

Players have constantly complained about content in Halo Infinite Multiplayer, especially in its limited-time events.

Due to this uncertainty with content, players demanded a content roadmap up to Season 2 and beyond.

Fans were not happy when rumors suggested that Halo Infinite Multiplayer would not receive new maps until Season 2.

With this lack of new maps and concerns about lacking limited-time events, the player base started dropping.

Store Pricing

Since day one, Halo Infinite Store pricing has been a constant complaint from players. Players were upset with the pricing of items like the Mister Chief AI and many other cosmetics.

These pricing issues certainly prompted the departure of many players from Halo Infinite Multiplayer.

Additionally, gamers were vocal about their discontent with the Fracture: Tenrai microtransactions.

These concerns even included individual items such as armor coatings gamers deemed overpriced.

Fortunately, 343 Industries has already changed some of the pricing structure of the Halo Infinite store, with more changes coming in the future. Nonetheless, many players left the game before the developer implemented these changes.

Hackers & Cheaters

Halo Infinite has been heavily affected by hackers for some weeks now. Gamers reported cheaters using hacks that ended up matches early due to server crashing.

Players also reported hackers have made Tactical Slayer matches almost unplayable.

Aside from this, gamers have requested an easy way to report cheaters, as there is currently no easy way to report them.

The current hacker and cheater reporting process in Halo Infinite is extremely cumbersome.

This issue, combined with constant cheaters on matches, made many gamers leave Halo Infinite for some time until this gets a fix.

343 Industries has already addressed this, but a solution to the hacker problem will roll out until February.

Big Team Battle Issues

Since early December, players complained about Big Team Battle connection issues. 343 Industries quickly addressed this problem, and a solution was rolled out.

Sadly, this solution did not fix the problem for long. A few weeks later, players reported Big Team Battle was still experiencing connection issues on Halo Infinite Multiplayer.

The developer announced and released a fix once again. But, this fix did not perform as expected, and Big Team Battle continues to experience matchmaking issues to this day.

This problem also frustrated many gamers, who ended up leaving the game.

Overall, many problems are affecting Halo Infinite’s player base. Time will tell if 343 Industries can retain its current player count with the recent store changes and plans for upcoming content.

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Sunday 23rd of January 2022

I mean look at that visor (which is off center, that's how little they care) and the spiked mohawk. Also the awful power rangers armor they flooded mcc with. That isn't Halo.