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Halo Infinite Players Beg 343 Industries Not to Listen to Dr Disrespect

Halo Infinite’s early release was already bad enough. Now, popular streamer Dr Disrespect wants 343 Industries to go back to the drawing board and get rid of one of the popular game modes in Halo Infinite Multiplayer.

Halo is one of the most recognized FPS franchises. With the surprise release of Halo Infinite Multiplayer beta, fans are flocking to the game to experience the classic arena shooter gameplay once again.

Popular streamers like Dr Disrespect and TimTheTatman are also trying out the Halo Infinite Multiplayer game modes. However, the Two-Time doesn’t seem to be enjoying one game mode in particular.

halo infinite drdisrespect
343 Industries

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Players Say Otherwise to Dr Disrespect Wanting Halo Infinite Strongholds Removed

While Halo Infinite players are reporting cheaters in their matches already, it appears Dr Disrespect has a different issue with the game. The streamer suggested 343 Industries come up with something creative.

Even though players are unable to select game modes in Halo Infinite, they don’t want Strongholds removed. The game mode involves players capturing three areas on the map. The first team to get to 250 points wins. 

Unfortunately, the Doc feels differently. In a clip from his recent stream, Dr Disrespect provoked outrage by suggesting that Strongholds should be taken out of the game indefinitely.

Dr Disrespect’s comments on removing Halo Infinite’s Stronghold game mode sparked quite a debate in the community. Reddit user ‘ImNemmy’ took to the Halo subreddit to share their concerns. 

“Strongholds is great, this is the same guy who quit Siege because he thought FROST was overpowered so don’t take him seriously. And don’t worry, I doubt 343 will either”

halo dr disrespect
343 Industries

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This isn’t the first time Halo fans have issues with the game. Players are also complaining about the Halo Infinite Battle Pass ruining their games.

Despite Halo Infinite being out for only a week, players already have major issues with the Halo Infinite player and enemy collision.

In the meanwhile, make sure you know how to unlock Halo Infinite 20th anniversary items.

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Comments 2



Sunday 28th of November 2021

Strongholds is baaad. What the hell happened to territories? Like, since when do I need to cap 2 or more objectives completely to gain points for my team? This is territories but very very bad version. Give us that back and take out strongholds.

Matt Jenkins

Friday 26th of November 2021

Strongholds is terrible. Honestly all objective games are garbage.