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Halo Infinite Players Already Reporting Cheaters Ruining Games

Halo Infinite players have an issue with the cheaters in the game’s Multiplayer despite the game being out for under a week. Not a good start for everyone’s childhood favorite franchise!

Halo Infinite is one of the top gaming titles to be released this year with the fans of the franchise getting another chance to capture bases as Master Chief.

While the game has Free-to-Play Multiplayer enabling every fan to jump into the action, it has come with its flaws. Players are unhappy with the extremely slow level-up system for the Halo Infinite Battle Pass.

And to make things worse, Halo Infinite cheaters are running rampant and destroying the multiplayer lobbies for the players.

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Halo Infinite Cheaters in Multiplayer
343 Industries

Halo Infinite Cheaters Running Out of Control

Halo Infinite was released earlier than expected to mark the 20th anniversary of Xbox. Long-time fans of the franchise are now able to get their hands on numerous 20th-anniversary items

With the latest title being Free-to-Play, it is no surprise that it can potentially become a cesspool filled with hackers within a few months of the game being out.

One such player ‘ZlepOfficial’ took to Twitter to share their encounter with a cheater in the multiplayer lobby.

“Came across my first cheater on halo today, I asked him if he was cheating he  said he had a controller mod LOL.”

However, this is not the first issue players are facing in Halo Infinite. The PC players have also reported Input Lag and Aim Assist issues.

To ensure you don’t give in to the temptation to use any kind of controller mods like this cheater make sure to use the best Controller settings for Halo Infinite.

Meanwhile, the news around Halo Infinite Battle Royale coming soon is spreading again, this time with some proof!

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