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Halo Infinite PC Player Count Hits New Low Ahead of Tactical Ops Event

The Halo Infinite player count on PC has hit a new low, but will the Tactical Ops event get people booting up the game again?

Halo Infinite was widely praised on release, with many players loving the old-school shooter gameplay. However, there are some signs that the game is struggling now, following complaints from fans.

While the Xbox player count on Halo is still much higher than Call of Duty, the game is dropping in popularity a lot on PC.

The main reason behind this is most likely due to the lack of new content in Halo Infinite so far. However, 343 Industries will be hoping the upcoming event, Tactical Ops, brings back players.

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Halo Infinite
343 Industries

Can Halo Infinite’s Tactical Ops Event Bring Players Count Up?

The Halo Infinite Tactical Ops event is finally launching today, March 8. Hopefully, this could keep payers interested in a game that many are becoming tired of.

According to, Halo Infinite has just hit its lowest-ever 24-hour peak player count on Steam. On March 7, the highest number of Steam users playing Halo Infinite at once was 10,736.

This is a major concern as at launch the peak was almost 150,000 players and even in January, the game only ever dropped below a peak player count of 30,000 a couple of times.

However, things could be looking up with the arrival of Tactical Ops. This is the latest in a number of Halo Infinite Multiplayer events and could be the best one yet!

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Halo Inifnite Steam Charts March
Steam Charts

Fans can’t wait for the Halo Infinite Tactical Ops event to arrive. This is because it is introducing loads of new Tactical Slayer variant game modes.

What’s more, there will be plenty of free cosmetic rewards to unlock in Tactical Ops.

Therefore, hopefully, this will keep fans interested and increase the Halo Infinite player count. Otherwise, the game could really begin to struggle if the number of people playing drops even further.

Luckily, developer 343 Industries has also revealed the first information for Halo Infinite Season 2 and it looks amazing. Even if Tactical Ops doesn’t bring back too many players, Season 2 could revive the game!

In other news, a leak has uncovered loads of exciting details about a highly anticipated mode. Check out the first Halo Infinite Forge mode gameplay and map customization leak.

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