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When Will Halo Infinite Get New Game Modes – Swat, Infection, Griffball

Halo Infinite has only been in Beta for 2 weeks and players are already demanding new game modes.

Creative game modes are the essence of Halo. We’ve racked up hundreds of hours playing the likes of Infection, Griffball, Team Snipers and the like over the years – and that’s only when getting tired of the franchise’s already exceptional Multiplayer.

Sometimes you fancy something different in Halo, and Infinite is no exception to the rule. After 2 weeks of Quick Play and Big Team Battle, the game’s community is ready for something new.

We know it’s on the way. After all, this massive leak reveals all of Halo Infinite’s upcoming game modes for all to see!

Halo Infinite Capture the Flag Modes
343 Industries

On top of that, it even seems as though a Halo Infinite Battle Royale was at least in the planning stages.

But when will Halo Infinite get new playlists and game modes?

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Halo Infinite Won’t Get New Maps or Modes at Launch

One thing seems set in stone – Halo Infinite won’t be getting new maps or modes on its December 8 launch.

Right now, Halo Infinite is still technically in its Beta testing period. When the Infinite’s Multiplayer released early, it did so as a sort of extended Beta, but with all Day One content included.

In an official Halo Waypoint blog, 343 Industries confirms that this is the start of Halo Infinite Season 1 “with all day-one maps and modes enabled”.

With that in mind, we can’t expect any new modes coming alongside the Campaign on December 8. But we have to hope that more will arrive before Season 2 in May 2022!

As it is, Halo Infinite is unlikely to survive until Season 2 with no content drops.

And although we already have the full Tactical Ops event leaked, it may not be enough to hold player interest.

Halo Infinite Tactical Ops
343 Industries

However, the development team is confirming that it’s listening to feedback and solutions are on the way. After players began to boycott the Halo Infinite Store in protest of the game’s microtransactions, community manager Ske7ch promises that change is coming.

The team at 343 Industries is taking a well-deserved break over Thanksgiving. However, they’ll soon be hard at work making much-needed changes to Halo Infinite.

We can only hope that adding modes like Swat, Infection, Griffball, and other fan-favorites is up there on the list of priorities!

Of course, the need for variety isn’t as big as the need to fix the new Halo Infinite cheater infestation.

We also need major buffs to a weapon being dubbed as the worst gun in the entire Halo franchise!

However, players are praying that 343 doesn’t listen to Dr Disrespect on his Halo Infinite demands!

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Monday 29th of November 2021

A shame to not Add Swat in launch! Like every other Halo has.

Sunday 28th of November 2021

Yeah, people fail to understand that it's still a multiplayer in beta phase and we're lucky they're even letting us play it. The full game releases when the campaign releases.