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Halo Infinite Multi-Team Game Mode Coming Soon

It appears that Halo Infinite will be getting multi-team game mode soon, according to a new leak.

Halo Infinite is one of the talked about Triple-A titles of the year. And it seems ever since its launch; the game has lived up to the fans’ expectations.

While both the campaign and Multiplayer have kept the fans entertained, one of the underlying issues has been the game’s multiplayer playlists. As a result, the developers recently brought many new playlists to Halo Infinite.

However, the classic multi-team playlist has been missing from the game since its early release, with no word from 343 Industries about the game mode.

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halo infinite multi team returns
343 Industries

Halo Infinite Multi-Team Game Mode

Earlier this week, a leak suggested the addition of several new Halo Infinite game modes. But the much-requested multi-team game mode was still nowhere to be seen.

Multi-team was a popular game mode in all the last five Halo titles. It enables players to fight in small teams against each other in objective-based games. However, the maximum number of players and the size of the team differ in each of the previous Halo titles.

While this game mode is not available in Halo Infinite yet, a recent post by Halo data miner ‘HaloDotAPI‘ suggests that the game mode might be coming soon.

The players are already excited, but a few express concerns over the same color used for enemy teams.

“I HOPE different teams can have different colors, i dont want all my enemy teams have the same color”, said Twitter user ‘Elyrium42‘.

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when will halo infinite get multi team
343 Industries

In other news, Halo Infinite fans are angry over the Master Chief AI pricing. One of the biggest issues remains the price of the store items in this year’s Halo title, and the latest store addition does not help the case.

Also, Halo Infinite’s player count is dropping fast due to a lack of content updates.

Finally, it appears Halo Infinite will be adding new helmets as rewards for the Season 2 Battle Pass. One of these helmets is the predecessor to the Master Chief’s helmet!

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