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Halo Infinite Mouse Magnetism Glitch Gives Players Aimbot

Halo Infinite players think that the new ‘Mouse Magnetism’ setting is giving insanely broken aim assist, but there’s another explanation…

The latest Halo Infinite Tech Preview weekend is here and the lucky players who have gotten invites are trying out the game already. And while the majority of feedback has been very positive, players have found one major issue with the game.

A new clip shows off some extremely broken aim assist and players think that it is because of the new Mouse Magnetism setting. However, there may be another explanation for this.

But first, find out how to access the Halo Infinite Tech Preview Weekends.

Halo Infinite Weapons

What Is Mouse Magnetism in Halo Infinite?

A huge leak has revealed every gun in Halo Infinite, but what is causing more controversy is how weapons actually work in the game.

Halo Infinite has a new setting called ‘Mouse Magnetism’. This essentially works as a form of aim assist for players using mouse and keyboard.

It should only give players a little bit of help when aiming. However, a new clip shows a streamer who wasn’t even sat at his desk perfectly track an opponent’s movements.

Players immediately assumed that the Mouse Magentism setting caused this. Although, the real cause is actually an extremely strange glitch.

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Halo Infinite Aim Assist Glitch Gives Players Aimbot

Developer 343 Industries has already made major changes to Halo Infinite. But, luckily, the Mouse Magnetism seems to be fine after all.

The actual explanation behind the extremely powerful aim assist is a strange glitch to do with controller deadzone settings.

Streamer Sheney looked back at his clip and realized the problem. As his controller had some slight stick drift and his deadzone was set to 0, Halo Infinite thought he was playing the game, which caused aim assist to kick in.

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Additionally, Halo infinite allows players to use mouse and keyboard as well as controller inputs simultaneously. This explains the gameplay looking like it was with keyboard and mouse rather than controller.

Halo fans will certainly be relieved that the Mouse Magnetism setting isn’t the cause of this broken aim assist in Infinite. Plus, there are still a few months until the Halo Infinite release date for 343 to all of the glitches in the game.

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In other news, Halo fans have two limited edition items to look out for:

Unfortunately, scalpers are already selling the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X for insane prices. It’ll be very difficult getting your hands on one now.

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