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Halo Infinite Loses Head of Design and Lead Environmental Artist in Less Than 24 Hours

Halo Infinite’s Head of Design and Lead Environmental Artist recently parted ways with 343 Industries in less than 24 hours.

These announcements leave an already sporadic future, even more, uncertain for fans of the series. Studio heads leaving is usually more about their own journey than the journey of their institution.

But when it comes to Halo Infinite, it’s something that is hard to overlook when there has been a constant flow of promises that never seem to be met with action.

Both the Halo Infinite Community and pro players have been vocal with their criticism regarding the first-person shooter.

And now with the Head of Design and Lead Environmental Artist gone, it only raises more questions regarding the future of Halo Infinite.

The new Rakshasa Armor Core Helmets have leaked ahead of their release! Will you be aiming to get one for your Spartan?

Halo Infinite Spartan
Rogelio Olguin

Halo Infinite Head of Design & Lead Environmental Artists Leave 343

Halo Infinite Head of Design Jerry Hook and Lead Environmental Artist Rogelio Olguin have announced their departure from 343i.

The two announcements were both made less than 24 hours from each other. Rogelio Olguin announced in a blog post that he will now be working with Nvidia in a role more closely involved with digital art technology.

Jerry Hook hasn’t announced where his next journey will be. But he did mention this was his own decision.One where he will be able to have new experiences and push his limits.

These are two massive talents that Halo Infinite is losing which is concerning for the future of the series.

Halo Infinite’s newest additions haven’t been enough to impress players. The new mode Land Grab has left players disappointed. This mode is part of their ongoing event Fracture: Entrenched.

343i also recently released a substantial May update that looks to fix some of the most prolific issues.

So there is still hope for the future of Halo Infinite. And, players possibly have a new Halo battle royale game to look forward to according to a recent leak!

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