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Halo Infinite Leak Shows Halo Reach Helmets as Unlockables in Season 2

Halo Infinite has been giving fans a lot of reasons to stick around and the latest leaks suggest the return of fan-favorite items in Season 2.

Halo Infinite fully launched on December 8th after a few weeks of early access. The long-time fans of the franchise have an opportunity to set out on new adventures across galaxies once again.

There’s no surprise that this year’s Halo title has more ups than downs. Although earlier this month, the Halo subreddit entered lockdown after toxic backlash against the Halo Infinite developers.

But it appears Season 2 will be bringing new cosmetic items, much to the excitement of the community.

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halo infinite new helmets season 2 battle pass
343 Industries

Halo Infinite API Leak Shows CQB and Mark V Helmets as Season 2 Unlockables

Players have been grinding to unlock the many rewards this year’s Battle Pass has to offer. And now it seems two of the most requested helmets are going to be added with Season 2 next year.

Reddit user ‘SenfulYT‘ took to Halo’s subreddit to share the leak. According to the leak, CQB and the Mark V helmets will be available as Season 2’s Battle Pass unlockables.

A majority of the community is already excited to get their hands on these helmets. However, few players are suggesting adding other helmets to the Battle Pass as well.

“Hope they also move the Mk. VII Firefall helmet to the Season 2 pass. Glad these ended up not being store items.”

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halo infinite mark v helmet season 2 unlockables
343 Industries

This is even more exciting as the Mark VI helmet, used by Master Chief himself, was an upgraded version of the Mark V helmet.

In other news, the Halo Infinite Winter Contingency update is now live with plenty of rewards.

Also, the Halo Infinite campaign is being praised by fans all around the world. The campaign was available after the early access but has all the reasons to make this year’s Halo title an instant classic.

Finally, Halo Infinite fans are suggesting a new feature to combat cheaters. No multiplayer game is free from cheaters but a few changes might lead to reducing their numbers significantly in Halo Infinite.

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Comments 5



Tuesday 28th of December 2021

Yes cause reach helmet is REALLY gonna keep me hooked to halo infinite battle pass LMAO they did way better with MCC for unlocks... minus the campaign halo infinite is a huge bust and failure. Change my mind


Tuesday 28th of December 2021

Unlocked...for money.


Tuesday 28th of December 2021

Would love to see the EOD helmet and the hyabusa make a return with a lot of the halo 3 helmets


Tuesday 28th of December 2021

I vant your money farken


Tuesday 28th of December 2021

The battlepass is broke. I get this is the modern system of seasons and ranking but as a fan of the franchise this really doesn't feel like halo. Too many players worry about their challenges (can't blame them) than the objective.