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Halo Infinite Last Spartan Standing Challenge Not Tracking or Giving XP Fix – Season 2

Unfortunately, some Halo Infinite players report their progress for Last Spartan Standing challenges not tracking correctly.

Halo Infinite: Season 2 ‘Lone Wolves’ is officially underway. 343 Industries has been teasing some fantastic additions this season regarding the Halo Infinite multiplayer narrative.

During their community live stream, even a small easter egg hinted at a massive reveal coming this June.

But, now that Season 2 is finally underway, some players are already experiencing issues with one of the new modes, Last Spartan Standing.

Thankfully, Halo Infinite players were already able to find a fix. Here’s what we know.

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Halo Infinite Season 2 Lone Wolves
343 Industries

How to Fix Halo Infinite Season 2 Last Spartan Standing Tracking & XP Issues

Update: Brain Jarrard has confirmed that “Earn Cumulative Score” and “Games Played” LSS Challenges do not properly count if a player leaves the match early.

Others that do count sometimes require players to also load up the 2nd game or restart the game completely to show up.

Halo Players who cannot see their XP or challenge progress for Last Spartan Standing have a few options to help fix this!

Unfortunately, players experiencing these issues with Last Spartan Standing are completing challenges but getting no rewards for it.

Their challenge trackers aren’t progressing. Or, for some players, they are earning 0 XP despite the challenges being shown as completed. Thankfully, there are already a few fixes to help with this.

You’ll need to wait for a prompt stating you’re okay to leave the match to fix your challenge tracker not progressing correctly. After it appears, you’ll be able to exit the Last Spartan Standing match without a penalty.

The prompt should show up a couple of seconds after losing your last life.

Once you leave, you might not immediately see your progress. 343 Industries Community Director, Brian Jarrard, stated that progress may not appear until the Last Spartan Standing match you were in actually concludes.

Players will need to close their game and reopen it to fix their Halo Infinite XP issues. This is not a sure-fire fix, but players are reporting that they see their XP after reopening the game.

These are all the possible fixes we know of at the moment! This new season promises to include new customizations and a brand new narrative that can shake up the world of Halo Infinite.

A recent data mine also hinted at emotes making their way to the popular multiplayer shooter. For any fan of the series, it’s a perfect time to jump into the story.

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