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Halo Infinite Land Grab is Disappointing Fracture: Entrenched Players

Halo Infinite players who are taking part in the Fracture: Entrenched event are sharing their disappointment with the Land Grab game mode.

Halo Infinite’s Fracture: Entrenched has recently started, offering a bunch of rewards that players can earn for free.

And while many players will be happy to earn some cosmetics without any charge, some players are finding the new game mode disappointing.

Halo Infinite’s Land Grab Mode is Disappointing Players

Players have taken to the Halo subreddit to share their disappointment with the mode. However, they also share some appreciation for the event too.

As part of the latest event, the moderators of r/Halo have created a specific discussion thread for the first week of the event.

Halo Infinite Fracture Entrenched Land Grab is Disappointing, Players Say
343 Industries

Many of the comments share their appreciation, specifically the event challenges. One of the top comments is a user saying “don’t know about anyone else but my challenges seem doable.”

Another user replied to the above comment with “event challenges are much better”. A lot of replies to the above comment share a similar sentiment. They also state that their challenges are much easier than in previous events.

However, where the real disappointment lies is with the newest game mode, Land Grab. Land Grab is a variation of King of the Hill, offering a similar gameplay style.

One user, called u/RecoveredAshes, wrote, “I’m starting to get disappointed at how similar so many modes are”. He continues with, “Strongholds, king of the hill, land grab, total control are all mild variations on the same idea.”

Halo Infinite Fracture Entrenched Land Grab
343 Industries

In the next sentence, he asks for some variety, something that other users agreed with. One user responded with “This isn’t even “new” content either, it’s a bunch of modes that were all in previous Halo titles on release.”

However, some players have shared more positive thoughts on Land Grab, with u/bearedlager commenting “I like land grab so far as it encourages your team to split up, which is a very different way of playing than most other halo modes.”

Of course, variety within Halo Infinite’s modes would be nice. But at least some players are having a good time with the latest mode, even if they aren’t the majority.

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