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Halo Infinite Store Price Changes for Individual Items Receive Negative Reactions

Halo Infinite’s Store pricing restructure continues with a new wave of changes that have received mostly negative reactions from players.

Halo Infinite has received a lot of praise from players for its gameplay since it launched in November 2021. Unfortunately, this welcoming reception did not last long after glitches, hackers, and store pricing became an issue.

All of the aspects mentioned above have affected players, and many have already left the game. Due to this, the Twitch audience of Halo Infinite continues to decline even with new events and store changes.

To retain as much player interest as possible, Microsoft rolled out several store pricing changes some time ago. Overall, the changes to the weekly bundle pricing were well received by fans.

Although, it seems 343 Industries’ latest changes to the store have left fans upset.

Halo Infinite Store Individual Item Price (1)

Halo Infinite Store Price Changes for Individual Items Are Unimpressive for Fans

Halo Infinite rolled out the second wave of store price changes for individual items. Unfortunately, fans have a divided opinion, leaning more towards a negative response.

Overall, the main complaint from Halo Infinite fans is that the individual items’ pricing is still too high.

As an example, players are pointing out that the price of a helmet should be, at least for them, the price of a whole armor set.

Some fans recognized Halo’s position as a free-to-play game in the market. But, gamers ultimately made it clear other F2P titles provide more value for their money.

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Halo Infinite Fans React to the New Individual Item Store Pricing

Halo Infinite fans are very vocal about feedback, and this recent store pricing change did not go unnoticed.

As soon as the update went live, gamers started pointing out they were unhappy about the value received for the money spent.

Some fans were utterly disappointed with these new changes. Last week the bundle’s price adjustments seemed like a move in the right direction. Sadly, the latest changes have brought many gamers to square one.

Moreover, a few players do believe the prices change in the Halo Infinite store is good and just want some more variety to choose from.

Furthermore, others pointed out that the bundle changes made it even more evident that the individual items are overpriced.

The complaints continued to pour on social media.

Aside from store prices, many other issues are affecting Halo Infinite Multiplayer.

Also, players recently reported lag spikes, server issues, and rubber banding.

In addition to these concerns, the Big Team Battle game mode has been broken more than it ever worked.

Lastly, hackers and cheaters still affect Halo Infinite. Fortunately, 343 Industries restated its commitment to removing hackers and cheaters.

According to a previous communication from the developer, an anti-cheat solution will roll out in February.

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Comments 5



Wednesday 26th of January 2022

I think they are getting close. 700 credits for a single helmet is definitely a bit much (I'd consider getting it if it were only 500) but the shop is WAY better than it was.

I think their baseline should be that a COOL full look is 20 bucks. This should include a high-end armor color, a visor color, at least one weapon color, and several armor pieces / attachments. If you think about what Fortnite does (but try to put it in the context of Halo Infinite's cosmetics), its basically this and I think thats a good place to start.

I agree with the shop needing to be bigger too. Their should be at least 1 featured big weekly bundle and maybe 3 smaller ones and then 3 or 4 daily bundles. This will keep players interested in the shop. Currently, after the first day of the shop, I dont really care because I feel I've seen all it has to offer until the next reset.

But I cannot stress this enough: it is SO much better than it had been and its really refreshing to see the new prices which sometimes seem a little off target but ultimately are much more reasonable.


Wednesday 26th of January 2022

Also, I think they should consider giving all players 500 free credits to apologize for prior prices. People will be understandably angry when they see the bundle they bought for 2000 being dropped down to just 1200. Tossing everyone 500 helps to ease the pain of past buyers AND gives a free little gift to all the free to play players. This will treat free to play players to a free daily bundle which is awesome and everyone will appreciate AND it scratches the itch of buying something from the shop which might make them more likely to buy again in the future, but this time they'll have to buy credits to do it.


Wednesday 26th of January 2022

So don't buy them? We are talking about cosmetics in a first person shooter.

I'm just thankful there's no pay to win garbage like in Call of Duty. Yes buying guns with better stats is pay to win.

Actually going by prices I looked through 3 years of call of duty games and there are plenty of items that are purely cosmetics that are more expensive than anything in Halo yet I never hear people complaining about them.

I also never hear people complaining about the $60 game ($70 on ps5) or more for different editions then paying $30 for a 4 month battlepass AND the other bundles which should just be part of the battlepass.

Of course it's Microsoft AND it's Halo so that means quadruple complaints.

Who cares if it's a fantastic game!? The cosmetics are too much!

Paylo Infinite

Wednesday 26th of January 2022

@d0x360, Ahh yes the classic 'this doesn't affect me so I don't care' approach. Good for you. And yes, there are thousands on the subreddits of all of the games you mentioned complaining about microtrans actions. Billion dollar corporations pretending to need in-store items to 'keep the servers running' too right?


Wednesday 26th of January 2022

@d0x360, This guy gets it.