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Halo Infinite: How to Unlock Yoroi Samurai Armor In-Game

One of the most exciting Halo Infinite reveals was the addition of the Yoroi Samurai-inspired armor set – here’s how to unlock it.

Halo Infinite’s release day might still be a little while away, but we already have new details dropping for the upcoming title. For all those still wondering, recently Phil Spencer explained why Halo Infinite doesn’t have a release date yet.

At E3 2021, we finally got to see Halo Infinite’s Free-to-Play Multiplayer in action. And it didn’t take long for players to notice one Spartan looking a little… different.

343 Industries soon revealed the existence of the Yoroi armor, a Samurai-inspired Halo Infinite design. And now, we know how to unlock it!

Halo Infinite
(Source: 343 Industries)

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Unlock Halo Infinite’s Yoroi Samurai Armor

Want to unlock Halo Infinite’s Yoroi armor and become an in-game Samurai? Here’s how it’s done:

In a new extensive blog post, 343 Industries revealed more about Halo Infinite’s Battle Passes and Seasonal content. And the Inside Infinite blog had more to reveal about Yoroi too.

According to the new post, Halo Infinite’s live service content will include special events in each Season. Lead Progressional Designer Christopher Blohm told players to be on the lookout for special themed events.

Reportedly, these special events may unlock incredible rewards that stray from the ‘canon’ Halo customization. While players will always be able to unlock standard Spartan armor and cosmetics, “Fractures” can be obtained exclusively from events.

Halo Infinite Yoroi Samurai
(Source: 343 Industries)

These Fractures are armor sets and items that lean a little further afield where canon is concerned. Thus, we have Spartan armor like Yoroi that gives a more thematic appearance.

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Presumably, we’ll be able to unlock Halo Infinite’s Yoroi Samurai armor by completing the first Fractures event in Season 1. And with the game’s first Season being ‘Heroes of Reach’, we bet there are more exclusive items to obtain!

Right now, we’ve only seen limited footage of Halo Infinite’s Campaign mode. We can only hope that we’ll get more of a peek in next month’s Inside Infinite report!

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