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Halo Infinite: How to Unlock All Cyber Showdown Rewards in One Day

Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown event is live with several rewards you might be interested in unlocking!

Halo Infinite Multiplayer’s first events of 2022 are already starting! Gamers have complained previously about content in the first round of limited-time events.

343 Industries now has a second chance to impress and engage the Halo fandom. The developer launched six weeks of continuous events starting today to achieve this.

These events include Cyber Showdown, the return of Tactical Ops, and Fracture: Tenrai. Of course, 343 has changed several aspects of this event s to make the experience more lenient to what fans expect.

The Cyber Showdown event is now live, and its rewards are ready to be unlocked!


How to Unlock Halo Infinite Multiplayer Cyber Showdown Rewards

Halo Infinite’s Cyber Showdown event is now live, and now you can unlock all of its rewards in a single day if you are up for it!

As part of the changes implemented by 343 Industries, you can now unlock all rewards in the Cyber Showdown event in one day.

All ten challenges needed to unlock all the rewards in the Cyber Showdown event are accessible now.

Furthermore, you can unlock each of the rewards in Cyber Showdown by completing the event challenges available.

At this moment, these are the challenges you can complete to unlock all Cyber Showdown rewards:

  • Misriah Loves Company – Kill an Enemy Spartan from behing with a Melee Attack
  • Help Wanted – Get 10 Assists on Attrition
  • Misriah Loves Company – Kill 15 Enemy Spartans with Assault Rifle in Attrition
  • Tallyman – Kill 7 Enemy Spartans in Attrition
  • Punch Box Laboratory – Kill 3 Enemy Spartans with a Melee Attack in Attrition
  • Overwhelming Outcome – Complete 3 Attrition Matches
  • Dependable – Revive 1 downed teammate in Attrition
  • Star Ninja – Kill 3 Enemy Spartans from behind with a Melee Attack in Attrition
  • Punch Box Laboratory – Kill 10 Enemy Spartans with a Melee Attack in Attrition
  • Misriah Loves Company – Kill 30 Enemy Spartans wit the Assault Rifle in Attrition

By completing all these challenges, you can unlock all rewards in one day. If one challenge is too hard, remember you can use Challenge Swaps if you have some available!

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343 Industries

Other Issues Affecting Halo Infinite Multiplayer

This improvement in Cyber Showdown rewards will undoubtedly make Halo fans happy! Previously, players complained that there was nothing to do in events after s short time.

Additionally, players voiced their discontent of being “stuck” in their progression to unlock rewards due to the lack of challenges.

Aside from progression in events, many gamers have also stated they are fed up with the terrible rewards in the Weekly Ultimate Challenges.

343 Industries is certainly listening to this feedback, but some issues are harder to tackle.

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343 Industries

Halo fans have experienced many issues with hackers and cheaters. At this moment, hackers have made many Tactical Slayer matches unplayable, according to gamers.

Since hackers are prevalent in more matches now, players have demanded an easier way to report cheaters.

Presently, the process of reporting Halo Infinite cheaters and hackers to 343 Industries is cumbersome, to say the least.

The developer has addressed this situation and promised a solution to the cheating problem will become available in February.

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Comments 6


Cody Schoonover

Saturday 22nd of January 2022

Nevermind figured out battle pass challenges don’t swap with event challenges

Cody Schoonover

Saturday 22nd of January 2022

One day my ass! I’ve completed half of the 10 challenges needed for the event and tried swapping a cpl slots before realizing a two day 19 hour and 22 minute countdown on the upcoming challenges page…or am I just a dumbass and missing something?


Wednesday 19th of January 2022

I dunno how upset anyone is... I saw like 50 people with the paid skin yesterday and I only played for an hour and a half.

I also ripped and tore through my enemies like a rabid wolverine.

I was in the zone yesterday. Today... Not so much since I didn't sleep last night but I think I already unlocked everything.


Wednesday 19th of January 2022

@d0x360, and speaking of cheaters... I THINK out of hundreds of matches I've seen 2 cheaters.

I know for a fact I saw 1 because his AR would kill in 1 shot and he had a sniper rifle with exploding rounds.. it was like he was shooting plasma grenades.

So I reported his ass and now he's gone. Banned from Xbox live lol. The report button works people.

Dude needs to buy a new Xbox to play unless he has a gaming PC.