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Halo Infinite Hackers & Cheaters Make Tactical Slayer “Unplayable”

Hackers and cheaters are becoming so common in Halo Infinite tactical Slayer lobbies that fans say the mode is “unplayable”!

Cheaters find their way into almost every online multiplayer game and, unfortunately, Halo Infinite is no exception.

In fact, hackers have been ruining Halo Infinite since launch day and the problem is getting worse as time goes on. However, some game modes have become targets for cheaters more than others.

Players are reporting that Tactical Slayer is now full of hackers to the extent that it is “literally unplayable” at the moment.

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Halo Infinite
343 Industries

Hackers & Cheaters Ruin Halo Infinite Tactical Slayer Game Mode

Despite developer 343 Industries promising Halo Infinite anti-cheat improvements back in November, the number of hackers in the game continues to rise.

What’s more, there is still no easy way to report hackers in Halo Infinite. This makes matters even worse as very few players using cheats even get reported.

This has led to a number of hackers continuing to play the game and ruining it for others. And the game mode that has been affected the most by this is Tactical Slayer.

A new clip on the Halo Infinite subreddit shows how bad the hacker situation is in Tactical Slayer in particular.

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Halo Infinite
343 Industries

This clip shows a player using both wallhacks and aimbot extremely obviously. This is because they lock onto players through walls and exclusively get headshots (when they aren’t shooting at walls, that is).

Luckily, players on the subreddit have banded together and now reported this hacker multiple times. Hopefully, 343 Industries will ban them very soon so they don’t get to ruin the game anymore.

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What’s more, players are feeling confident that this hacking situation will be under control in the near future. This is because a huge Halo Infinite anti-cheat improvement update will arrive in the coming weeks.

In other news, players can get completely legit Halo Infinite wallhacks with an in-game trick. This genius tip will let you locate players even when you can’t see where they are.

Also, in case you missed it, a highly-requested update is finally coming. Some huge changes to the Halo Infinite item shop will arrive this week.

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