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Halo Infinite Gun Jamming Glitch Fix is Coming Soon

The frustrating gun jamming glitch in Halo Infinite should be a thing of the past soon – 343 Industries has confirmed that a fix is on the way!

Halo Infinite Season 2 has been out for a week now and everyone is enjoying the new content in the game.

Not only are there two stunning new maps in Season 2 but fans have been hopping into a variety of new multiplayer game modes.

Despite the new content in Season 2, many players are still not happy with the state of Halo Infinite right now for a number of reasons.

Halo Infinite
343 Industries

Not only are players complaining that the weekly challenges in Halo Infinite Season 2 are too difficult, but there have been a few frustrating issues since the Season 2 update.

Developer 343 Industries is already releasing an update to make Interference event challenges easier. However, some players still have complaints about their guns jamming which hadn’t been addressed.

Luckily, we now have word that a fix for this issue is on the way!

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Halo Infinite Update to Make Interference Event Challenges Easier
343 Industries

Halo Infinite Battle Rifle Jamming Glitch Will Be Fixed in an Upcoming Update

Ever since Halo Infinite Season 2 launched, players have been having an issue where it seems like their rifle jams when it should be firing. Luckily, we finally have a response from 343 Industries about the problem.

Senior Community Manager at 343 Industries, John Junyszek has responded to a fan question about the issue. Luckily, it looks like your gun shouldn’t be jamming in Halo Infinite for much longer.

Not only did Junyszek confirm that 343 has been working hard to find a fix for this issue over the last week, but the team is also “prioritizing shipping an update for it” once the issue is solved.

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Let’s hope that the team at 343 Industries can find the root of this problem soon. As soon as they do, we should hear an update from the developers.

Until then though, remain cautious when using the Battle Rifle as it could jam at any moment!

In other news, make sure you claim the free Halo TV Series content in Halo Infinite. While the TV show might be divisive, everyone loves some free content!

Finally, check out all of the details about every Halo Infinite Season 2 event:

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