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Halo Infinite Grapple Jump Technique Gives Insane Speed & Momentum

If you want to zoom around Halo Infinite’s maps and outplay your opponents, make sure you learn these grapple jump spots!

Halo Infinite is full of techniques that you only need to see in action to realize their potential in-game. The difference between a casual and a pro player in Infinite is that only one has mastered the game’s movement, after all.

Recently, a number of players learned how to Double Jump in Halo Infinite, a movement option that certainly gives you a leg-up on the competition.

On top of that, many players still aren’t using the AI Scan to see enemies through walls!

Halo Infinite Grapple
343 Industries

Combine those tricks with the Halo Infinite Double Shot or the fast melee technique and you’ll be racking up Killing Sprees in no time.

Now, a grapple jump guide is doing the rounds online and teaching Halo Infinite players about speed and momentum.

Halo Infinite: How to Grapple Jump & Best Locations

If you want to zoom around the map before your opponents get to important objectives, look no further than the grapple jump.

Halo Infinite players, particularly ones who have tried out Campaign, will be well aware of the grapple jump. The idea is to use your momentum from the new Halo grapple shot to propel yourself across the map.

However, you’ll need to perform the trick correctly for best results.

  • To grapple jump, simply grapple the ground ahead of you.
  • Immediate hit jump, aiming slightly upward for optimal height and momentum.
  • The moment you touch down on the ground, slide to zip across the map in a straight line.

While this trick seems obvious, just take a look at how YouTuber StandardAce uses it to their advantage in the video below! There are certainly some uses that would surprise enemies or allow you to reach important Power weapons before anyone else.

Unfortunately, these major server desync issues are causing problems in Halo Infinite matchmaking right now.

And we’ve noticed that Halo Infinite’s total player count is dropping fast, even with the new event!

After the recent Halo Infinite update failed to fix Big Team Battle, perhaps many are losing interest in the game.

And although the Halo Infinite Store prices just got a major discount, 343 may soon find that a lower player count means fewer sales – even with a price drop!

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