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Halo Infinite Could Be Getting Classic Fan-Favorite Maps Soon

Halo Infinite Season 2 isn’t everything that fans were hoping for, but classic maps could be on the way!

If you’re returning to Halo Infinite for its Season 2 update, there’s plenty of new content for you to experience. The game’s first major update since launch in November 2021 added new game modes, a second Battle Pass, two new maps, and more to the free-to-play title.

However, the Season 2 expansion hasn’t been quite as large as many players were hoping. What’s more, the season is off to a rocky start.

After all, certain Halo Infinite challenges are still far too difficult, even in Season 2. And with a focus on Last Spartan Standing this season so far, players are actually discouraged from grouping up with friends.

Halo Infinite Last Spartan Standing
343 Industries

As such, the Halo Infinite player base isn’t much healthier than at the end of Season 1. But a return of these classic Halo maps could be just what the game needs.

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Halo Infinite to Get Classic Remastered Maps in Season 2?

Could Halo Infinite be getting classic maps returning in Season 2? Head of Creative Joseph Staten certainly seems to be teasing something along those lines is coming.

In a recent appearance on the Kinda Funny Xcast, longtime Halo developer and current Head of Creative on Halo Infinite, Joseph Staten had plenty to say about the game.

Perhaps the most interesting comments that came out of the interview were regarding the presence of classic Halo content inside Infinite. When co-host Parris Lilly asked about the potential addition of classic fan-favorite maps to Infinite’s roster, Staten cryptically stroked his chin.

“That’s a good idea, Parris,” the Head of Creative replied cryptically. “There are a lot of maps that are awesome, right? I think it would be awesome to play on those maps again, don’t you guys? That sounds like a fun thing… I’ll mark that in my notebook”

Halo Infinite
343 Industries

While we don’t think this is a direct tease at what may or may not be coming, Staten also talked about every fan having their own personal favorite maps.

Guardian, Blood Gulch, and The Pit all got shoutouts as being amazing classic Halo maps that Staten would love to play in Infinite. But as for whether we’ll one day get to jump into them once again, the future isn’t so clear.

However, we do know about two upcoming events dropping this season that would be the perfect time to release secret content!

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Sadly, even coming first in this Battle Royale-inspired mode won’t get you any extra rewards.

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