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Halo Infinite Game Modes Leak Reveals Infection, Grifball, Extraction, More

Halo Infinite fans will be happy to hear that new game modes are on the way, according to a new leak.

Since its early launch in November 2021, players have been enjoying everything that Halo Infinite has to offer. The Multiplayer experience is excellent, bar a few minor issues, and the game’s free-to-play nature is encouraging more gamers than ever to give it a go.

However, Halo Infinite’s biggest issue lies with its playlists. Although 343 Industries just added brand-new playlists to Halo Infinite at the demands of its players, there’s still a major lack of content.

Halo Infinite
343 Industries

And although we can finally play all the Team Slayer we want, some classic Halo game modes are being left behind. However, it seems that new modes are dropping soon – something that’s sure to keep the fan base happy.

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Halo Infinite New Game Modes: Infection, Grifball, Extraction, King of the Hill

It seems that Halo Infinite has some new game modes in the works, and they’re sure to make players happy.

It’s not been long since the reveal of these secret playable game modes in Halo Infinite. Now, even more modes appear to be arriving in-game soon.

Yesterday, Halo dataminer HaloDotAPI has come up with a full list of all Medals in Halo Infinite. And some of them tease the addition of some beloved Halo game modes.

The full list of new Halo Infinite Medals are as follows:

  • Clash of Kings
  • Interception
  • Reclaimer
  • Saboteur
  • Secure Line
  • Signal Block
  • The Sickness
  • Undead Hunter
  • Watch the Throne
  • Zombie Slayer

And with those in mind, it appears that Halo Infinite’s new game modes will include Infection, Grifball, King of the Hill, and Extraction. The Halo dataminer has even managed to get Grifball and Extraction to run in a Custom Game already, seemingly proving that they’re on the way.

halo infinite extraction leak

But we don’t know exactly when Halo Infinite will get its new game modes just yet.

Already, we’re getting new leaks for Halo Infinite Season 2, but hopefully we won’t be waiting until May for new modes.

We do know that new game modes were originally coming with Halo Infinite’s events. But with 343 moving Tactical Slayer’s release date forward, we’re sure the developer will continue to listen to fan feedback.

But game modes aren’t all that need fixing with Halo Infinite. And fans are demanding that this major Halo Infinite desync problem gets fixed next.

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Comments 4


Julian Dantzler

Tuesday 28th of December 2021

It would be nice for this to just be included in the game from start. This that EA crap all over again remove stuff and add it back and expect to be treated like heros


Tuesday 28th of December 2021

Why no 2 player co-op!?


Tuesday 28th of December 2021

I wouldn't call the rampant cheaters because they failed to implement basic anti cheat measures minor. Nor the setting challenges that require specific guns or game modes that you can't just simply chose. Like when you need a stronghold match and spend three hours not getting one.

Joshua Zamorano

Thursday 30th of December 2021

@Sam, Yep, same happened with me when I got a challenge that required me to kill 3 flag carriers. Played for the majority of the day and didn't get CTF once.