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Halo Infinite Fracture Tenrai Event Returns With New Samurai Rewards

It’s time for Halo Infinite players to hop back into the Fracture: Tenrai event and there are more Samurai-themed rewards to unlock.

Halo Infinite’s first major event arrived very early in the game’s lifespan. Only days after the game’s Free-to-Play Multiplayer arrived, Fracture: Tenrai dropped in Halo Infinite.

In the event, players could enjoy a new Fiesta game mode, and unlock the popular Yoroi Samurai armor for their Multiplayer Spartans.

Halo Infinite
343 Industries

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for players to work out that Halo Infinite’s first Fracture event was a huge disappointment.

Thankfully, 343 Industries is already making some improvements to the game’s event schedule. And now, as Fracture: Tenrai returns, Halo Infinite players should be far happier with the state of the game.

Halo Infinite Fracture: Tenrai Event Features Improved Rewards

This week’s installment of Halo Infinite’s Fracture: Tenrai event features an improved Battle Pass and some excellent new rewards.

Recently, Halo Infinite’s developer has been open with players about changes coming to the game soon. After a rocky launch, new game modes finally arrived in Halo Infinite before the Christmas break.

Now that Fiesta isn’t exclusive to the Tenrai event, this week’s Fracture might not be as big of a draw as it was initially. But to make up for some lackluster unlockables last time around, 343 is boosting the earnable rewards for all players.

UPDATE: Halo Infinite’s Tenrai Microtransactions Are Its Most Disappointing Yet

This week, Halo Infinite players will be able to unlock 10 reward tiers of the free Fracture event pass. And there are even some more incredible rewards up for grabs, replacing XP Boosts and Challenge Swaps that initially appeared on the tier list.

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Halo Infinite Fracture Tenrai Event
343 Industries

And this time, the iconic Kabuto helmet featured in the event’s promotional images is arriving in-game!

All Halo Infinite Fracture: Tenrai Rewards

Datamining account leaks_infinite on Twitter reveals the new and improved reward list coming to Halo Infinite. And while not all rewards are available this week, it’s good to see some real improvement from the development team.

Just check out the improvement over the initial Challenge Swap-heavy Fracture: Tenrai rewards!

Recently, leakers also discovered that Halo Infinite has even more new game modes coming soon! And that’s definitely nice to see, as Halo Infinite’s player count is dropping fast without content updates.

Meanwhile, although 343 Industries is taking steps to improve communication with players, there’s one thing that fans aren’t happy about. Right now, the Mister Chief AI costs more than all previous Halo games on the Steam store…

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