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Halo Infinite Fans Want Double XP Changes & 2XP Token Buff

Halo Infinite players want some major changes to the Double XP system in the game, including a buff for the 2XP tokens!

The progression and leveling system in Halo Infinite has come under fire so far from many fans but it’s not too late to fix it yet.

So far, developer 343 has already announced that some big progression changes are coming in the next Halo Infinite update. However, players want more than just this.

Halo Infinite fans are now calling for some huge changes to Double XP and even a 2XP token buff.

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Halo Infinite
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Halo Infinite Needs Double XP Changes & 2XP Token Buff

Halo Infinite players are still not satisfied with the challenges system in the game. Many have complained about the Weekly Ultimate Challenges being way too difficult.

However, a change to Double XP tokens could alleviate some of the complaints from fans.

One post on the Halo subreddit suggests that the 2XP tokens in Halo Infinite should last a specific number of games. This would be instead of the

This would be a good idea as it would let players get the most out of their double XP. At the moment, a lot of the Double XP is wasted loading into games.

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Additionally, another post asks for the 2XP tokens to not count down while the game is “waiting for other players to load”. Again, making this change would allow Halo Infinite players to get more Double XP time.

With many fans refusing to buy items from the Halo Infinite Shop, it’s important that they can level up the Battle Pass.

Hopefully, developer 343 Industries listens to fans about these issues. After all, who doesn’t want more Double XP time to level up the Battle Pass faster?

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In other news, all of the upcoming Halo Infinite Weekly Ultimate Challenges have been leaked. Luckily, it looks like they will be getting quite a lot easier from now on.

Plus, there had been yet another leak for the upcoming Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown event. A leaker has revealed the brand-new game mode coming to Halo Infinite in Cyber Showdown.

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