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Halo Infinite Fans Want Cyber Showdown Attrition Game Mode to Stay

Halo Infinite players are asking developer 343 Industries to make Attrition a permanent game mode following the Cyber Showdown event!

The limited-time events are definitely the highlight of multiplayer for many Halo Infinite players. Not only do they add loads of cool new cosmetic items but they sometimes come with a brand-new game mode too.

While Fracture: Tenrai introduced Fiesta, Cyber Showdown introduced the tense, high-stakes game mode Attrition. This, alongside all of the cyberpunk-style cosmetics, has made it a fan-favorite event.

In fact, many fans believe that Cyber Showdown is the best Halo Infinite event yet. Therefore, it’s no surprise that players are disappointed that Attrition could be leaving soon.

Also, many players think that Attrition could hint at a Halo Infinite Battle Royale mode.

Halo Infinite Grapple Shot
343 Industries

Halo Infinite Fans Want Permanent Attrition Playlist

At the moment, Halo Infinite’s Attrition game mode is being ruined by Cyber Showdown challenges. However, this hopefully won’t be the case for much longer.

Halo Infinite’s 6 weeks of non-stop events has already begun but the Cyber Showdown event will end soon. This means that Attrition could be going too.

Players on the Halo subreddit are asking for 343 Industries to make Attrition a permanent game mode in Halo Infinite, following the conclusion of Cyber Showdown.

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Halo Infinite
343 Industries

The reason behind this is that players absolutely love the high-stakes gameplay in Attrition and no other mode in Halo Infinite quite matches this exciting endgame. Therefore, it would be a shame to lose it forever.

Luckily, a permanent Attrition playlist might not be too unlikely. Shortly after the first Fracture: Tenrai event, Fiesta was added in a permanent game modes update.

Even if 343 Industries hasn’t announced whether it will keep Attrition or not, this gives Halo Infinite players plenty of hope.

Meanwhile, huge leaks have also revealed even more upcoming game modes. A dataminer has revealed that Halo Infinite is getting Infection, Grifball, Extraction, and more soon.

In other news, many players are already excited about what’s coming to Halo Infinite soon. Huge leaks have revealed the release date and rewards of the Halo Infinite Tactical Ops event.

Finally, there are some big changes coming to Halo Infinite soon. Developer 343 Industries has announced that a Halo Infinite anti-cheat update is coming in February and there will be even more Halo item shop changes as well.

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