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Halo Infinite Fans Want Changes to the Energy Sword

One of Halo’s most iconic weapons, the Energy Sword, is the topic of debate for Halo Infinite fans today.

As an FPS franchise, Halo is a rather unique series. Many titles have tried to imitate the series’ formula, but there are none that quite nail the Halo experience.

Playing as MJOLNIR-wielding super-soldiers, Halo fans get to experience a unique take on the FPS franchise. Yet somehow the game manages to hit a nice balance with its Time-to-Kill.

Part of the reason for this is that Halo doesn’t shy away from letting players go hands-on with deadly Power Weapons. And the iconic Energy Sword is one of the most iconic weapons in the ever-expanding arsenal.

Halo Infinite Energy Sword Needs a Redesign
313 Industries

Now, Halo Infinite fans want some changes to the Energy Sword before the title launches later this year. But with only weeks left before Halo Infinite’s release date, will 343 Industries be willing to listen to the request?

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Halo Infinite Energy Sword Needs a Redesign

After seeing some new Halo Infinite footage, fans believe that the Energy Sword may need a redesign before launch.

The Energy Sword is a stylish weapon with one-hit-kill potential. When you see an enemy running towards you with the blade out, you just know you’re in for a bad time.

But after seeing the Energy Sword in action in yesterday’s Halo Infinite competitive settings reveal, something looked off.

Fans were quick to pick up on the issue, and a post to the Halo subreddit hosted some of the community’s biggest complaints. But first, take a look at the weapon in action in this clip:

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While many users praise the shape of the Energy Sword model, there’s no denying that its appearance looks a little rough. Right now, the model appears to be lacking any real effects, unlike previous iterations, and it seems too dull for a blade made of plasma.

“100%, they wanted to release it last year,” Reddit user PapaRads writes. “When they seen the backlash they knew that they had to adjust the art direction, some things are left over.”

It’s very possible that this Energy Sword is a leftover model from before the Halo Infinite visual upgrades. If so, perhaps the weapon will get some touch-ups before launch, like many of the Infinite assets over the last year.

Halo Infinite is already making huge improvements with every Tech Preview. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this be next on the list of changes.

After all, 343 Industries is clearly taking player feedback on board. Let’s hope it’s able to fix the Halo Infinite aimbot glitch in future patches!

Take a look below for an image of the Halo Infinite Energy Sword versus its counterpart in Halo 2 Anniversary.

Meanwhile, a new leak is revealing all of the Halo Infinite Multiplayer modes early! And some fans believe that a Halo Infinite Battle Royale may well come very soon…

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