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Halo Infinite Fans Slam Team Snipers Due to Strange Weapon Choices

Team Snipers has just arrived in Halo Infinite Season 2 but the new playlist has some strange weapon choices that are upsetting fans.

Sometimes it’s a little tricky to be a fan of Halo Infinite. At its core, the game is the best the Halo multiplayer has felt in years, but there are a lot of off-putting elements that keep it from being a major success.

Only weeks after the launch of Season 2, the game is peaking at around 8.6k concurrent players each day on Steam. And while the Xbox player base is likely significantly larger, even the community’s hype appears to be fading.

Halo Infinite Team Snipers
343 Industries

Last week, the new Land Grab game mode from the latest Fracture event was disappointing fans. Now, Team Snipers is stepping up as the newest lackluster addition to the game.

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Halo Infinite Team Snipers Contains Stalker Rifle, Skewer, & Pulse Carbine

Many longtime Halo fans are taking issue with the new Team Snipers playlist’s choice of weaponry.

Team Snipers has long been a staple of the Halo franchise, so many users were hyped to see it return in Season 2. However, now that it’s here, it seems developer 343 has made some questionable choices regarding the direction of the game mode.

First and foremost, Team Snipers now consists of the following three game modes:

  • Snipes Slayer – S7 Sniper and Bulldog Loadouts
  • Brute Snipes – Skewer and Mangler Loadouts
  • Covie Snipes – Stalker Rifle and Pulse Carbine Loadouts

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For many fans, the only mode resembling the iconic Shotty Snipers mode is Snipes Slayer. But queuing for the Team Snipers playlist will put you into any one of these three modes.

Brute Snipes is an interesting take on the game mode, despite the Skewer not being a sniper rifle to any degree.

But in Covie Snipes, it’s not even possible to kill an enemy with a single shot, defeating the point of the game mode entirely. A better choice of weapon would have been the Shock Rifle, the closest alternative to an actual sniper that Halo Infinite currently has.

That’s before even getting into the choice to add Pulse Carbines as the shotgun substitution. Even using this clever trick to make the Pulse Carbine viable in Halo Infinite, it’s a disappointing gun at the best of times.

Let’s hope that the rest of Halo Infinite Season 2’s event schedule is a little more exciting than Entrenched was. We could definitely use some more interesting game modes in Infinite ASAP.

However, recent developments could mean that the 343 is a little behind schedule. After all, Halo Infinite just lost its Head of Design and Lead Environmental Artist in less than 24 hours.

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