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Halo Infinite Fans Disappointed With “Lackluster” Tactical Ops Event

After waiting for ages for Tactical Ops to come to Halo Infinite, fans are now disappointed with the “lackluster” event!

In-game multiplayer events are some of the most exciting new content coming to Halo Infinite, but players haven’t been blown away by them recently.

In fact, the Halo Infinite player count reached a new low before Tactical Ops and the new event has done very little to interest players again.

But why don’t players like Tactical Ops? Here’s what the fans have to say about the matter.

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Halo Infinite Fans Hate Tactical Ops Event Challenges
343 Industries

Halo Infinite Players Call Multiplayer Events & Tactical Ops “Lackluster”

The new Halo Infinite event, Tactical Ops, has brought new free rewards and game modes. However, players are still not happy with it!

In addition to players hating the Tactical Ops events challenges, players have been complaining on the Halo subreddit about the content of this event.

A popular post by redditor u/black_out_ronin calls the events in Halo Infinite “lackluster” and says that Tactical Ops could have been much better than it was.

The main complaint is that the game modes in the event are just the same Tactical Slayer as usual but with a different weapon. Players want a more special LTM – for instance, silenced pistols or nighttime maps.

Or, even better, a return of a classic Halo Game mode. Luckily, leaks have revealed the Halo Infinite Infection startup gameplay.

Halo Infinite
343 Industries

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However, players are also disappointed at the “lame” event rewards. Although, this is just a matter of taste and some players really like them.

Hopefully, developer 343 Industries listens to fan feedback and implements some more creative events in the next Season of Halo Infinite. This would go a long way to keeping fans happy and playing the game.

Halo Infinite Season 2’s new game modes and armor core look great. Fans will be hoping that the events are just as good!

Meanwhile, some huge leaks have revealed some very exciting upcoming content for Halo Infinite. A major leak has revealed that 10 new Halo Infinite maps are currently in development.

Plus, yet another leak has revealed the first gameplay of Halo Infinite’s Forge Mode. This is great news to fans who can’t wait to design their own maps and game modes in Infinite.

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Comments 3


Happy Puffer

Saturday 19th of March 2022

Halo lacks holding players because the maps are bassically just coridor after coridor of straight walls so its not about tactics but just who fires first. There are sniper rifles but no way to prone and hide in a shadow to snipe. Even from across a map, a sniper can be seen easily because there is no distance haze or way to blend in.

Also, characters lack diversity. There should be obvious female Spartan body types and ways to customize coloring more.

They want paid for content to bring in that ingame purchase money but who is going to buy what e eryone else already has.

Maybe have a way to buy deeper detail or customization. So people can win unlockable content but still decide to buy say the ability to make their own color palet.

Events where the first 300 players to reach a goal get exclusive spartan customizations winnable once a year.

Lets also discuss levels. We need a level that is jungle with huge trees, deeper water, caves.

Levels with skyscrapers where the grapple is key to get across or fall to your death.

Interactive levels and maybe a few desteuctable objects besides some small itema like walls.

Maybe have wealons attachments yku can pick up like silencers, flash hiders for snipers or extended mags.

There are tons of ways to make Halo great again. Like Duel wieldes pistols.

I have just about played as much as i desire and will be back to Apex and BF2042 again.


Saturday 19th of March 2022

Finished the event in 3 hours the first day last week... pretty lame for a 2 week event.


Saturday 19th of March 2022

They said exciting events were coming before tact ops was released too, see how that worked? Game is dead, you think halobwould be an instant win, but 343 is utter trash.