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Halo Infinite Fans Want Buffs to the Ravager ‘Worst Gun in the Franchise’

The verdict is in, Halo Infinite fans want buffs to the Ravager which they’re decreeing is the ‘worst gun in the franchise.’

If you’re a Halo Infinite player, chances are you’re finally getting to grips with the game’s weaponry by now. Infinite’s Free-to-Play multiplayer has been out for 2 weeks and already a meta is slowly forming.

However, all is not well for Halo fans. It seems that the Halo Infinite Tenrai Fracture event is a major disappointment already.

And on top of that, many players are boycotting the Halo Infinite in-game store thanks to overpriced microtransactions.

Halo Infinite Ravager 'Worst Gun in the Franchise'
343 Industries

But when it comes to Infinite’s core gameplay, the title truly shines. It’s the best a Halo game has felt in years, and 343 Industries should be proud of what it’s created.

With the exception, perhaps, of the Ravager, which fans are dubbing the worst gun in the Halo franchise.

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Halo Infinite Fans Hate the Ravager

One of the coolest Banished Power Weapons is the Ravager – and it’s a pity that it’s the worst gun in Halo Infinite.

When you’re collecting Power Weapons from around the map or spawning into Fiesta, chances are you’ll encounter the Ravager. The huge gun has a spike on the end of it and fires 3 red balls of plasma towards opponents.

In the Halo Infinite Technical Previews, the Ravager was incredibly good and really felt powerful. However, in the ongoing Infinite Beta, that’s simply not the case any longer.

Right now, the Ravager feels incredibly weak, making it hard to get kills for specific Ravager-based challenges. Luckily, there’s a new way to level up fast and complete any Halo Infinite challenge easily!

Halo Infinite Fans Hate the Ravager
343 Industries

One thing that not every Halo fan knows is that you can actually charge up the Ravager and fire a blast that deals AOE damage where it lands. However, this is also a fairly weak zoning blast that only really works as a denial tool in modes like Strongholds.

Hopefully, 343 will see fit to give the Ravager a much-needed tune-up before the official Halo Infinite release date.

In the meantime, fans are begging the developer not to listen to streamer Dr Disrespect, who has some controversial opinions as ever.

And every future Halo Infinite store bundle just leaked in a huge datamine.

The bad news, it costs over $1000 to buy everything in Halo Infinite’s store.

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