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Halo Infinite Fan Complaints About Content Delays Prompts 343 Response

The 343 Industries community coordinator has responded to fan complaints about Halo Infinite’s delays and lack of content!

While most fans love the gameplay in Halo Infinite, the systems and content in the game’s multiplayer mode have been very divisive so far.

The multiplayer beta launched back in November and players immediately hated the “overpriced” Halo Infinite microtransactions and customization system.

However, updates have now reduced the Halo Infinite item shop prices and players have turned their frustration towards another issue. Of course, this is the lack of content in the game right now.

Luckily, the community support and engagement coordinator at 343 Industries has responded to some fans. However, the replies won’t exactly be what players want to hear!

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343 Industries

343 Industries Responds to Angry Halo Inifnite Fans About Lack of Content & Delays

Gamers are becoming increasingly impatient waiting to see the upcoming Halo Infinite content roadmap and this latest interaction with 343 won’t have helped at all!

The relationship between Halo fans and developer 343 Industries has become frosty over the last few weeks. While the developer says that it is working hard to deliver updates and fixes, fans are becoming tired of waiting.

And even when 343 tries to address the discontent, it seems to backfire. Just a few weeks ago Halo fans slammed 343 Industries over a “condescending” update blog post and the reception to the latest interaction between players and developers has gone down pretty badly too.

343 Industries community support and engagement coordinator Postums replied to a few Halo fans yesterday. While their tweets wanted to reiterate that 343 is listening to the player base, it annoyed some fans.

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Halo Infinite Developer Responds to Fan Expectations

Postums apologizing for 343 not meeting fan expectations is understandable. However, some in the Halo community are questioning the response, especially considering that the lack of content is causing the Halo Infinite player count to drop.

Particularly, Postums’ tweet about being “confused” that Halo content is taking longer than fans expected has annoyed members of the game’s subreddit.

This is because Halo Infinite has gotten next to no new content since launch, despite it being a live service title. Plus, it looks like there will be no new Halo Infinite maps until Season 2.

Let’s hope that 343 can put these disagreements with fans over Halo Infinite content delays behind them. After all, the developer continues to reassure fans that it is working hard on new content for the game, so all could be forgotten very soon!

This new content includes the upcoming Forge mode. If you can’t wait to play it, then check out this huge Halo Infinite Forge gameplay leak!

Plus, 343 Industries keeps delivering more content in the form of events. A new leak has revealed the Halo Infinite Tactical Ops event release date!

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Friday 25th of February 2022

They're trying, more than I can say about a lot of devs. I'm holding out hope, but if we don't see a co-op by July, I'm dropping the game myself, been waiting to do campaign with my BIL.