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Halo Infinite Players Want to Disable Crossplay After Aimbots Appear in Multiplayer

Halo Infinite players are calling on 343 Industries to allow them to disable crossplay after aimbots arrive in Multiplayer.

It’s been an exciting week for Halo fans, after the surprise launch of Infinite’s Multiplayer allowed everyone to play the game early. Despite the Campaign not launching until December 8, Halo Infinite features Free-to-Play Multiplayer that hits new highs for the franchise.

And while there are plenty of complaints about the Halo Infinite progression and overpriced cosmetics, the core gameplay is a treat to play.

Halo Infinite Needs Option to Disable Crossplay Between Xbox and PC
343 Industries

That is, until cheaters began to enter online lobbies. It seems that it didn’t take long for malicious users to bypass Infinite’s security and begin to cheat in matchmaking.

Now, fans want an option to disable crossplay between Halo Infinite’s console and PC versions.

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Halo Infinite Needs Option to Disable Crossplay Between Xbox and PC

Fans are calling for an option to disable crossplay between Halo Infinite’s Xbox and PC versions.

The unfortunate nature of Free-to-Play games is that they often attract cheaters in large numbers. We’re still seeing this with Warzone, as players can simply make a new account easily whenever they get a ban.

And while 343 Industries prides itself on an excellent PC port for Halo Infinite, there’s one issue it perhaps didn’t account for.

It appears that malicious Halo players are already using aimbots in Infinite’s matchmaking, and console players aren’t happy.

It’s true that the vast majority of cheaters in Halo will be using PCs, yet Xbox players are unable to choose not to play with PC players.

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Halo Infinite
343 Industries

In a popular new post on the XboxSeriesX subreddit, players call on 343 Industries to give console users the option to disable crossplay. And it’s already getting some traction from the game’s community.

It’d be unfortunate to see the brand-new title hindered by disabled crossplay. However, 343 Industries might have bigger issues to deal with in Halo Infinite for the time being.

On top of that, this new Halo Infinite Doubleshot exploit allows players to fire twice as fast, even without cheating!

But PC players have even more issues than just being grouped together with cheaters. It appears that some PC players are encountering input lad and aim assist issues.

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Thursday 25th of November 2021

Guarantee that console players are mostly trash who can't comprehend how much better one can be with mouse and keyboard input. Halo infinite is optimized pretty well too. Players can turn up to 10x faster and aim up to 10x quicker than skilled console players using mouse and keyboard. PC players are also getting two times the frame rates of Series X players and eight times the frame rates of Xbox one players. Every game I see players who can never tell when someone is even beside them getting a triple kill and taking the flag while they face the other direction looking for an enemy. Is your volume even on?? I want cross play turned off just as much. Getting easy kills is somewhat fun and leads to occasional trample wins but console players are ruining most of my games by ignoring the objective and being utter trash which make it not worth it. Cross play reaches its limit when it comes to competitive games that use different inputs.

Aim AssistOP

Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

Console players have a built in aimbot called aim assist. I want crossplay to avoid console players. Fact of the matter is that i believe console players are claiming aimbot from PC but its their own kind causing those claims

Monday 22nd of November 2021

U can already