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Halo Infinite Dev Hiring for Forge Mode

343 Industries seems to be strengthening their team ahead of the Halo Infinite Forge Mode release, according to a new job posting!

Forge Mode is one of the most highly anticipated features coming to Halo Infinite this year.

Halo Infinite hasn’t had the best run since its release. Fans are frustrated at the lack of free content, and despite numerous updates, its player base has remained relatively low.

This is pretty concerning when you consider that Halo is one of Xbox’s flagship series.

But this new job listing suggests that Forge Mode is still on track to be released this year.

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Halo Infinite Forge Leak Maps Biomes
343 Industries

New Halo Infinite Forge Mode Job Listing

343 Industries is hiring a new Forge Technical Designer to help with Halo Infinite’s Forge Mode.

Set to release alongside Season 3 sometime later this year, Forge Mode allows players to create their own maps for custom games. But some fans are worried that it could get delayed as well.

The cooperative campaign was initially intended to launch alongside Season 2 ‘Lone Wolves’ on May 3. But now 343 Industries is targeting to release it sometime after Season 2’s launch.

Despite the delays, this new job listing suggests that Forge Mode is still on track to be released this year.

So it looks like it’ll be ready for a full reveal soon enough.

We’ve also already seen a leak revealing all the maps and biomes available at launch for Forge Mode, and it seems that players will have plenty to work with.

Halo Infinite Season 2 Battle Pass
343 Industries

Aside from these plans, 343 is actively working on other updates to keep the Halo Infinite community engaged.

Recent leaks have showcased what the Fracture Armor Core Helmets in Season 2 will look like! It also showcased Ranked King of the Hill as one of the new modes making an appearance!

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