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Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown Teaser Trailer Confirms Release Date

Halo Infinite launched a teaser trailer for its upcoming Cyber Showdown limited-time event to officially announce its release date.

Halo Infinite is now two months old! Time flies, and gamers already have a definite opinion about this highly anticipated title.

Even though Halo Infinite garnered an impressive amount of praise from critics, gamers have some pressing concerns about the game.

343 Industries is rapidly addressing some of these problems. For instance, today, the developer announced a fix for the Big Team Battle mode in Halo Infinite is launching soon.

Contentwise, gamers have also raised complaints about past events. Now, Halo Infinite is giving limited-time events another shot with Cyber Showdown.

343 Industires

Halo Infinite’s Cyber Showdown Teaser Trailer Announces Its Release Date

Today, 343 Industries shared a Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown teaser trailer through its various social media. The teaser trailer confirms the limited-time event launches on January 18.

The trailer humorously starts with a Spartan using an arcade cabinet. Shortly after, another sneaky Spartan attacks it from behind.

There is not much to watch in this trailer, but we do get a closer look at the cyberpunk Mowhawk helmet ornament!

Additionally, there was no confirmation of the exact rollout time for this limited-time event.

The trailer did not hint at what game modes will be featured in this event. Although, a recent Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown leak revealed King of the Hill and several Tactical Slayer playlists coming to the event.

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Fans did not receive the last Halo Infinite events particularly well by fans. The last time the Fracture: Tenrai event returned, players were utterly disappointed with its microtransactions.

Aside from concerns with limited-time events, fans also stated they are fed up with the terrible Weekly Ultimate Rewards.

Content is far from the only problem affecting Halo Infinite right now. Gamers reported cheater activity in the game that resulted in matches ending early due to a server crashing hack.

343 Industries quickly addressed this and promised a solution for the cheating concerns in February.

Meanwhile the developer sorts out the cheater situation, players requested an easier way to report hackers and cheaters.

Lastly, 343 Industries assured players a fix for the desync issue affecting Halo Infinite Multiplayer matches is being investigated.

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