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Halo Infinite Confirms Cross-play, Cross-Progression, Premier PC Experience & More

Halo Infinite is one of the most highly-anticipated games of 2021, and now Xbox is confirming new details about the game’s PC port.

As part of a new blog about Xbox’s venture into the PC space, the company confirms some major features are coming to Halo Infinite. Right now, Xbox fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the latest game in the Halo franchise.

Despite the title initially being slated for 2020, Halo Infinite was delayed by a year to make it a truly next-gen experience. But since that point, we haven’t really heard much about the upcoming title, which would have released almost 6 months ago.

Thankfully, at least this gave Microsoft time to announce an end date for the Xbox Series X/S stock shortage!

(Source: 343 Industries)

Now, Head of Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty, is ready to share more about Halo Infinite and its PC port.

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New Halo Infinite Details Revealed for PC and Xbox

In a new announcement about Halo Infinite’s launch on both PC and Xbox, Matt Booty reveals new details about the upcoming title.

First of all, the Xbox representative confirms that Halo Infinite will support multiplayer cross-play. Gamers on Xbox and PC will be able to play together in the title’s free-to-play online multiplayer with no issues.

What’s more, Halo Infinite will also support cross-progression. If you’re a player who enjoys both PC and Xbox gaming, your progress will carry over to both platforms.

And that’s not all that the Head of Xbox had to say!

“We have been working closely with the PC community to ensure that Halo Infinite offers a premier PC experience,” the Xbox Head reveals. “Including highly desired features such as support for ultrawide and super ultrawide screens, triple keybinds, a wide variety of advanced graphics options and more. We want to make sure that Halo is serving the PC community.

Halo Infinite
(Source: 343 Industries)

Matt Booty goes on to discuss the possibilities of Xbox Cloud Gaming for PC. It sounds like Halo Infinite may well be an eligible title, allowing gamers to stream the title to a PC or mobile device regardless of power.

Recently, Halo Infinite’s release date leaked thanks to a voice actor’s slip-up. It looks like we won’t be waiting long before we can try out the game for ourselves.

With another year to polish up the game, we’re certain 343 Industries is going to deliver a premier Halo experience. But many gamers are most excited for Halo Infinite’s leaked battle royale mode more than anything!

After all, Halo Infinite and Battlefield’s upcoming battle royale are already attracting streamers everywhere.

(Source: Xbox)

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