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Halo Infinite Content Creator Mint Blitz Beats Undefeated Cheater in FFA

Not even an undefeated cheater can beat a true Halo Infinite pro, as seen in this new clip.

Halo Infinite has a major cheater problem right now. As is often the case with Free-to-Play games, there are more than a few players who don’t mind risking a ban for an in-game advantage.

One thing Halo Infinite desperately needs is an easy way to report players in-game. And while 343 works on that, they also need to get Infinite a working anti-cheat too.

Halo Infinite
343 Industries

Lately, the developer assured fans that a fix to Halo Infinite’s cheating issues is coming in February 2022. But in the meantime, players like Mint Blitz need to rely on their in-game skills to beat the cheaters.

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Halo Infinite Pro Beats Cheater Who Never Lost a Game

This Halo Infinite cheater had never lost a game of Free For All in Halo Infinite. Until they came up against Mint Blitz.

In case you haven’t already heard of him, Mint Blitz is the kind of content creator that never fails to wow his audience. Perhaps best known for insane Campaign trickshots or racking up Killionaire medals in Multiplayer, the Halo YouTuber is one of the most talented Infinite players you’ll ever see.

And it seems that his skills were even enough to rival a cheater who knew every player’s position at all times. Facing an enemy with wallhacks in Free For All, Mint Blitz discovered after the match that the malicious player had never lost a game.

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Halo Infinite
343 Industries

Unluckily for that cheater, Mint Blitz isn’t in the business of losing Free For All matches either. In fact, the content creator recently set themselves a challenge of winning 100 games in a row – and passed with flying colors.

In the end, Blitz racked up the 25 kills needed to win first, even pulling off a Killtrocity in the process. Meanwhile, the cheater placed second with just 20 kills.

Perhaps this proves once and for all that cheaters never prosper. Especially since we wouldn’t be surprised if they get a ban very soon, thanks to the reach provided by Mint Blitz’s channel.

In other news, fans have discovered a new Halo Infinite Double Jump trick that gives ridiculous movement options in-game.

And don’t miss out on these new Cyber Showdown event game modes and rewards, coming to Infinite next week!

Thankfully, we also finally have confirmation that Halo Infinite’s Desync issue will get a fix soon. Let’s just hope that an anti-cheat arrives just as quickly!

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Comments 5



Sunday 6th of March 2022

He was caught geofiltering from Australia, playing Americans. That is 100% cheating. Way more powerful than wallhacks


Sunday 16th of January 2022

LOL wow why don't you actually put a battle rifle start and no radar for rent free for all and throw that into HCS I guarantee a million kids will be satisfied and happy and be playing plus there will be a whole new revenue of money from tournaments for free for all in the future

Saturday 15th of January 2022

Mint Blitz is amazing. Hopefully he gets this douche banned

Jeff Dejager

Friday 14th of January 2022

But he's a pro... People like me are not.. That's a difference... And it still does not solve anything with the cheating and hacks... So still no problems solved


Friday 14th of January 2022

Your promoting a player who quits games early and ruins the experience of other players on his team. In the name of "creating content" he acts as if he's the only player that matters. He is also known as Mint Quits.