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Halo Infinite Lag Montage Shows How Connection & Desync Issues Affect Multiplayer

Halo Infinite has some major issues with its online Multiplayer and fans are getting tired of connection and Desync errors.

2021 was a big year for shooters, with a lot of competition to choose between. Call of Duty Vanguard, Battlefield 2042, and Halo Infinite were all duking it out for the top spot, and each one had its own issues to deal with.

When it came to Vanguard, players weren’t really looking for a WW2 shooter right now. On top of that, Warzone’s new map launch is off to a rocky start, and Battlefield 2042 fans are playing a broken and incomplete game.

halo Infinite
343 Industries

For many gamers, there’s no question as to the winner of 2021: Halo Infinite.

343 Industries’ latest project has some teething issues, but it’s a solid game and a blast to play.

But right now, Halo Infinite Desync issues are getting out of hand.

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Halo Infinite Desync Is Ruining Matchmaking

Halo Infinite has a handful of problems it needs to deal with, but none so more than Desync.

343 Industries is just coming back from its holiday break and there’s one issue that urgently needs a fix. Although Halo fans are boycotting the expensive microtransactions and begging for new game modes, Desync is the top issue that the game is facing right now.

In case you haven’t seen it name-dropped before, Desync is where the position of a player and its relative information on the Halo Infinite servers doesn’t quite match up.

It’s what leads to so many missed melee attacks in Infinite’s matchmaking, or shots that look like they should have connected but don’t. It’s also why you sometimes die to bullets despite being behind cover.

Put simply, Halo Infinite Desync issues are why you’re missing your shots.

halo infinite
343 Industries

In a new montage by iamtvv on Reddit, the user shows off their Halo Infinite experience so far. And from watching the footage, it’s clear that connection issues and Desync are ruining the Infinite Multiplayer.

It’s worth noting that we are yet to experience issues on this level. Both Desync and connection issues are likely worse in select regions, after all.

But one issue we’re all too familiar with are Halo Infinite cheaters ruining matches.

And now Halo Infinite cheaters can even end matches early with a new hack that crashes servers.

On top of these problems, it’s looking like Halo Infinite might not get more content until Season 2 in May.

And although these new Halo Infinite Season 2 leaks look great, it’ll be a while before we see them in-game.

Hopefully 343 being back to work means we’ll get an update on these issues very soon.

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